KFR Prom Crashers

Posted 10 months.


  • Unknown2 - 9 months ago

    "The under dogs" Comstock was winning 75% of the competition. You are all just salty that Parchment is winning.

  • Frank N Beans - 9 months ago

    I don't know if they're cheating, but I like to root for the underdog! Go Comstock!

  • Suzanne - 9 months ago

    I agree with Mac. I'm now voting for Comstock.

  • Mac Miller - 9 months ago

    Parchment is cheating. Vote for Comstock. Fight the power.

  • ??? - 9 months ago

    How in the heck and why would Parchment cheat??? Like we barely have the energy to vote every hour why would we try and cheat??? How does one even cheat?

  • Unknown2 - 9 months ago

    You guys are a bunch of cry babies. Instead of complaining calling Parchment cheaters why don't you go out and have people vote.

  • MrRayOfSunshine - 9 months ago

    Unknown makes a good point

  • Brenda - 9 months ago

    How exactly can you cheat?

  • Unknown - 9 months ago

    If parchment was cheating they would be further ahead then just 12%. How can they cheat anyways? You're only allowed to vote once every hour.

  • snuffaluffagus - 9 months ago

    cheaters cheaters you have small peters

  • Susie - 9 months ago

    Oml guys you are lying. We are actually cheating. What liars omg. Comstock deserves to win. GO TEAM

  • Pugs&Hugs - 9 months ago

    Parchment is not cheating. We have a lot of people voting because we want to win, it's as simple as that. Parchment isn't like that, we wouldn't cheat to win

  • Lizzy - 9 months ago

    Parchment is not cheating. We just have a lot of people who want to win. We want our prom to be crashed. So instead of assuming we are cheating. Start voting.

  • george clooney - 9 months ago

    Maybe parchment is running a script to cheat?

  • Vikjas - 9 months ago

    How is parchment cheating???

  • Ash - 9 months ago

    Um U just said u were cheating and also our school is voting too

  • name311 - 9 months ago

    Not cheating, we actually have people in our school voting!!!

  • snuffaluffagus - 9 months ago

    ill fight u

  • nutsmcdergle - 9 months ago

    yeah we are what are u going to do about it ????

  • Jelly - 9 months ago

    Parchment is cheating

  • snuffaluffagus - 9 months ago

    parchment is cheating

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