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best shortener url ads (u should try them 1st

Posted 10 months.


  • Dope - 9 months ago

    Personally i don't mind which ever you use. You guys go through so much effort for the rest of us, so its up to you. If I was forced to give an opinion tho i would say purely because looks more reliable? and it doesn't download random stuff to my computer unlike some of the others.
    Also i use adblock for every site site i visit except for yours because its unfair considering your doing it for us for free. Thanks ^__^

  • ayyImao - 9 months ago is the best so far, the one you guys used prior kept downloading random files to my PC and opening tons of ads and never bringing me to the MEGA page. Which ever one that was please don't use it again, I like ouo

  • Ariel - 9 months ago

    Consider thinking of a premium membership thing or putting up a paypal to get donations. I'm sure lots of people would gladly donate money to help keep the site running.

  • ANNA - 9 months ago


  • camille - 9 months ago is the best. i don't understand why ppl complain about captcha, it's not that long and not a big deal! i'm really fine with them and there's no add. And if there are, you can download an awesome thng: addblock! wonderful, right?
    Anyway, i really don't want that this website close down, it's my fav.
    You also should let ppl (but only ppl who want, don't force ppl to do it) donate.

  • msdalbo - 9 months ago

    anything as long as this site keep running, fighting you guys!!

  • hey hey hye - 9 months ago

    literally any of them? I don't care about captcha or pop-ups or if it's slow and unreliable or whether the countdown doesn't load properly? I love k2nblog and really appreciate the time and effort you're able to put in... I really don't want to see the site close down... obviously I'll respect the decision if it is, though... thank you so much for the amount of hard work put in... you guys are the best

  • euforn - 9 months ago

    You should try!

  • AW - 9 months ago

    adfly is the worst, so many redirects and only one active session at a time which makes batch downloading a pain. ouo is the easiest to use, but you have to deal with capcha after 4 to 5 links or so. shrink & are alright, main complaint being that the timers don't countdown if they're not actively opened.

  • Andrew - 9 months ago

    You should use they have a flat CPM rate of 5.00 globally, been using them since they launched a little over a week ago.

    IF you decide to sign up please consider using my ref code

  • kkkri - 9 months ago is the most practical of them all, keep it!

  • meh - 9 months ago

    idk, i just used all of em, but the simplest is the, but you choose what is easier :v

  • Tyler - 9 months ago

    adfly gave me so many popups that i couldnt get to the download link :(

  • Adam - 9 months ago

    anything as long as this site keep running.

  • KimKookie - 9 months ago

    My antivirus blocked almost all of them but worked
    And I can not download when there is another one :(

  • xx - 9 months ago is the best, is good but sometimes the captcha is no no for me (with my slow connection and all)

  • 7hz8 - 9 months ago

    i prefer ouo or shst
    adf,ly just noooo :(
    thank you for your hard work adminn :*

  • 97kuroneko - 9 months ago is THE BEST ^o^)b

  • A - 9 months ago

    I dislike ouo and so much

  • jess - 9 months ago is the best in my opinion. It's simple, quick and easy. adfly always gives me issues and it takes too long

  • Shinji - 9 months ago

    Whaaat, adfly is the worst. I had so many popups! Please, everything but not this one ;n;

  • Char - 9 months ago is the best

  • jchee - 9 months ago

    Any, as long as it doesn't have the captcha thing, those are annoying. I thought adfly was alright, at least for new stuff. linkshrink is fine for me, doesn't do anything really annoying. But is probably best since it has the least issues. Just definitely now captcha ones. Or let people donate? That would be good too.

  • 익주 - 9 months ago is the best. Plz use sh.stㅠ

  • wOo - 9 months ago

    tbh not adfly, i couldn't download some 9muses albums;-;

  • Brittany - 9 months ago

    I feel like adfly, for all its flaws, is still the best option. I liked the fact that there was little to no popups! And yes a lot of the older stuff got blocked or w.e. but that's when the alternate links come into play! lol Just my opinion :D
    All I really know is that K2NBlog is the best! And I hope they keep going forever!

  • Marie - 9 months ago

    linkshrink is so annoying, it won't even redirect me to the actual link, only ads

  • k - 9 months ago

    linkshrink wont actually redirect to the pages :/ i liked adfly

  • Yas - 9 months ago

    The linkshrink you guys have now just redirect to different ad sites instead of the actual links, so I haven't been able to download anything. I personally think it would be a good idea to set up a paypal donation button. I'm certain there are plenty people that are willing to contribute. Myself included.
    The url shorteners are just an absolute pain, either they only redirect to other sites or they make so many ads pop up that it's not even worth it anymore for me.

  • nana - 9 months ago so far has been the best. Everything else lately so far especially adfly redirects you to virus riddles websites.

  • Kimotheraphy - 9 months ago

    Donation or subscription model pls via paypal. USD60 a year would be what I'd like to offer.

  • yosics - 9 months ago

    same with others, i agree that is the best. Those captchas make downloading files so difficult. Hope you can overcome the issues :)

  • amy - 9 months ago is the best imo, at least when i tried it. captcha isn't a big issue for me, the problem that I have with most other link shorteners is that they have pop-up ads and redirect ads so i don't actually end up getting to the link I wanted.

  • OnceAgain - 9 months ago

    I tried all of them and i can say that is the best option .. for me at least because most of my downloads are by using the phone .. i didn't check of it's any good in desktop version of it

  • oo - 9 months ago

    anything that doesnt require captcha please

  • cis - 9 months ago is the best..shorter waiting time to skip ad..

  • sojin - 9 months ago

    hi i clicked on linkshrink but i meant to click on, which i think is the best shortener URL website

  • p1nky - 9 months ago

    Anything that don't require user to click re-captcha pls!

  • Elpeo - 10 months ago

    sorry to hear your having issues with shorteners but if need be i'd be willing to donate as i do really like this site. i usually have ad block but i turn off for the links from here to the file i want.

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