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Regarding a patient portal from your most recent physician or hospital encounter: (Poll Closed)

  • The provider has one, I used it, and I liked it
    178 votes

  • The provider has one, I used it, but I didn't like it
    61 votes

  • The provider has one, but I didn't use it
    42 votes

  • The provider didn't mention one or said they don't have one
    38 votes


Posted 8 months.


  • Woodstock Generation - 7 months ago

    Regarding the portal's capability of allowing the patient to view and/or retrieve one's medical record: One cannot retrieve all or most all of one's medical record. One can retrieve only those portions of one's medical record that have been approved by the medical staff for viewing/retrieving on the portal.

  • HITgeek - 7 months ago

    I'm getting tired of providers each having "their" portal. Where is "my" portal that shows the data from my physicians, dentists, NPs and PAs, behavioral health, retail pharmacy, labs, medical imaging, alternative medicine, exercise, diet, health education, etc. I am not made of disconnected piece-parts, so my health data should be as integrated as my body is.

  • Jackie - 7 months ago

    Each healthcare service provider I see has a portal, none of which "talk" to each other. Much like the providers... I use the portals and would like to not spend so much time managing and coordinating the information- and I am a very healthy individual with minimal healthcare needs. Simple management is tedious- can't imagine how someone with chronic or serious conditions would find portals useful or helpful.

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