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Will you support the shrimp boycott to help save the vaquita porpoise?

Posted 8 months.


  • Mike Gross - 8 months ago

    Shrimp trawling is extremely destructive. I urge NO NETS in the Sea of Cortez, period. None.

  • Terry Sovil - 8 months ago

    As the 3 other commentaries say, shrimp fishing is unsustainable. There is a serious amount of by-catch. For every 1 pound / .5 kilo of shrimp there is 9 pounds / 4.5 kilos of other fish and critters that is thrown away. I stopped eating them about 3 years ago.

  • Anne Herschleb - 8 months ago

    Generally, the shrimp industry worldwide, whether farmed or fished, is unsustainable and practiced poorly from both environmental and health standpoints. I only eat shrimp that I know was caught from a sustainable fishery, which for me, means Alaska wild shrimp.

  • Sandra reeves - 8 months ago

    we must not only stop eating shrimp but actually ban the shipping of the fish from the same region that is exported to asia.

  • Holly Burgin - 8 months ago

    Shrimpers ruin much of the marine life, not just kill vaquita porpoises. This industry needs to be regulationed and the regulations need to be enforced. No more shrimp for my family until the government steps up and protects these animals and the marine environment.

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