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Do you believe President Trump’s allegations of Obama wiretapping?

Posted 10 months.


  • Leigh Ann - 9 months ago

    I cannot believe a legitimate media organization would ask this question. Both House and Senate Intelligence Committees and the FBI said there is no evidence.

  • harrison - 9 months ago

    I feel sorry for Trump supporters. You all just as insecure and as dumb as he is. Obama is a secured dude and in 8 years no scandal, family man, integrity, smart dude unlike the idiot we have now. Trump don't give a rat ass about you people just look at whom surrounds himself with (wealthy) and he was born with a silver spoon. In the words of Ms. Angelou. "People will show you Who they are"

  • Mark - 9 months ago

    When ppl think angels can fly down with some 'higher beings' sperm and impregnate virgins who then give birth to some kind of half human, half baby god....It's not a stretch for those same ppl to think a 3x married, pussy grabbing, racist is honest.

  • Jeff - 9 months ago

    You'd have to be a complete idiot to blindly believe this...(or just about anything this so called president says).

    He's been proven to be lying about 67% of the time...not suspected..PROVEN.

    He lied to you, you supported him...he's screwing you. Get over it, and admit you were stupid to have voted for the guy.

  • Not Trump - 9 months ago

    Awe, you poor trumpets, your guy is a lying jerk. Anyone who believes this should check themselves in to a mental hospital.

  • Ned T. - 9 months ago

    @Randall: belittling Trump supporters really helped Hillary, right? Also, try using apostrophes and commas where needed.

    Of course, I am an uneducated deplorable Trump supporter. Keep saying that as Trump changes America.

  • Ned T. - 9 months ago

    Of course he was wiretapped--Obama had the Brits help. Obama illegally spied on thousands of political opponents.

  • Randall - 9 months ago

    Of the 26% that believe Trumps claim 100% still believe the world is flat.

  • Karen - 9 months ago

    Larry he is not illegal. He couldn't have been President if he was illegal. So that comment makes no sense. I would like to know why you think he is a coward. You have the right to feel how you feel, but your reasonings are a bit suspect. What's the real reason why you don't like him. Be honest with yourself!

  • Arlene - 9 months ago

    Below. I was referring to Larry. Lol

  • Arlene - 9 months ago

    Trump is out of his mind. The idiot who commented above me needs to come back to reality.

  • Larry Hester - 9 months ago

    I never trusted Obama. He is illegal and a coward.

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