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What name should I use?

Posted 10 months.


  • Sara - 9 months ago

    The other advantage of being a Banda is a move up in the alphabet. Makes it so much easier getting tickets, signing in etc. the difference from G to A was amazing!
    Equality means having the choice- not that yours is better than his.

  • Bonnie - 9 months ago

    It is every women's own personal choice, and obviously feminism is about so much more.
    I like your rationale for Banda[h], and I like this too -

    "Essentially, bandhas are about slowly getting control and locking your energy the way you want. Bandhas are employed to gain control of your energy system. First you practice it physically for some time. If one day, without employing your muscular or skeletal system, you are still be able to do it, then your bandha is good. Then you can lock it wherever you want and direct your energies according to whatever action you want to perform. After some time, you will not even have to think about locking it – it will simply happen. If you want to perform a certain activity, your system will start responding to the requirements by itself"

  • Rachel - 9 months ago

    What happened to Ross-Banda ?

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