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Is Pineapple Acceptable on Pizza?

Posted 10 months.


  • LeAnne - 9 months ago

    My favorite pizza is hamburger and pineapple. I order it every time. My mom worked in a pineapple factory growing up in Hawaii so I always say it's in my blood.

  • Nancy - 9 months ago

    If you can put potatoes, pears, lettuce, corn chips, taco stuff, fake cheese, couscous, chickpeas, hazelnuts, squash, and BROCCOLI??? Get real. pineapple and ham are a classic pairing, and certainly as legitimate as a topping as the above list...

  • Timothy Kramp - 9 months ago

    Being a famous chef in Britain is like being a famous surfer in Kansas. It doesn't really count.

    Lets hear what Paul Bucose or Wolfgang Puck have to say on the matter.

  • Fill - 9 months ago

    Pineapple can work! :') GR is just doing a shtick, love it.

  • Jeanne M. - 9 months ago

    If pineapple doesn't belong on pizza then neither do ANCHOVIES. Talk about GROSS. I'll take a pineapple pizza anyday!

  • Lily - 9 months ago

    If you like pineapple on belongs there. If you don' doesn't. No fucks required either way!

  • James Frain - 9 months ago

    Fuck no

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