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Who has your vote? (Poll Closed)

  • Chardonnay Pantastico
    1,274 votes

  • Andy Brandy Casagrande IV
    2,228 votes


Posted 1 year.


  • B - 1 year ago

    As has been said before, part of the appeal of ABC4 is that it forces you to mispronounce the name to keep the rhyme. It's very difficult not to force the rhyme. That's naming genius right there.

  • Brett - 1 year ago

    McDoom is the winner of my bracket. Can you imagine his resume being passed around a table before a job interview? Can you imagine the DMV clerk cowering in fear before him when he goes to get his license renewed? Pure gold.

    And ABC4 doesn't even rhyme!

  • Mr. Smith - 1 year ago

    His name doesn't even rhyme unless you are deliberately mispronouncing it. This is a mockery of a travesty of a sham. Or whatever. Viva Pantastico!

  • maruhkati - 1 year ago

    One final note: I still hold an intense grudge against the rhyme-lovers for getting Amanda Miranda Panda past Infinite Grover two years ago.

  • maruhkati - 1 year ago

    The individual parts of ABC4 are all strong - the rhyming thing, the alphabet thing, the fact that he's the fourth one. This is certainly why it's lasted this long. But none of those parts add up to what Sultan McDoom has. Or Chardonnay Pantastico, for that matter.

    I take comfort in the fact that "Boats Botes" is clearly winning the whole thing. All shall be as it should be.

  • Brendan - 1 year ago

    While I understand everyone's disappointment in McDoom's demise, he didn't lose to Monday. He lost to ABC IV. A ridiculous name created by a mother over a hundred years ago. Then, miraculously, THREE other mothers consented to tag their child with ABC to add to the ridiculousness. It's inspiring, really. This name is the 'Boyhood' of the NOTY competition.

  • arcinva - 1 year ago

    Count me amongst the embittered. It is utterly beyond me how Sultan McDoom was knocked out of the running.

  • LFCKilla23 - 1 year ago

    Nah if ABC4 wins this, he will most likely go up against the mighty Boats Botes. There's no way he's coming out of that one. Boats Botes will avenge McDoom.

  • thumpasaurus - 1 year ago

    Ok what the hell, did Amanda Miranda Panda not satisfy you rhymeophiles enough?
    Sultan McDoom needs no explanation. McDoom. Like if you could get existential threats at the drive thru.
    And then there's Chardonnay, whose pants are fantastic.
    ABCIV is going to win this whole damn thing isn't he

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    Sultan McDoom was robbed! I demand a recount.

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