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Do you support Trump's decision to attack the Syrian air base?

Posted 12 months.


  • Nathan Embry - 11 months ago

    16 years of war, 20 trillion in debt, and a refugee crisis. When did Americans solve our problems by more government?

  • Kelly Bass - 11 months ago





    Bashar Assad, if you want to live past tomorrow, do not ever use chemical or WMD weapons in the future.
    Hey, Democrats; if Trump were actually in bed with Russia (who is Syria’s closest ally), he would not have just attacked Russia’s ally and sent 59 missiles in to take out their Air Force. Get over the notion that Donald Trump had some sort of secret conspiracy going on.
    Hey Kim Jong Un of North Korea, are you paying attention?
    Hey, China; Donald Trump say’s what he means and means what he say’s. Unless you want to witness, the same thing happen on the Korean Peninsula, put a leash on the wild-child.
    Hey, Russia; While we want to get along with you and don’t personally have many issues with you, we are back, don’t mess with us and let’s get together for a cold beer soon. But know this, we will not put up with too much of your bull-crap that you’re known for.
    As for the rest of the world, “The United States (aka; Big Dog on the Block) is back.” The weak and feckless United States under Barack Obama is finished. America has a new Sheriff. We don’t spend 6-months begging the United Nations to drop a hand-grenade in the middle of the desert. We witness, evaluate, then take action and you might not like it much if you’re the jerks using WMD’s on innocent civilians. Play if you must, but play fair and do not cross the Eagle, you might just get the same treatment Assad just got or maybe much worse.

  • Jane - 11 months ago

    Peace through strength!

  • Ada Mathews - 11 months ago

    This needed to be done!We have a strong President!

  • Cheryl Jager - 11 months ago

    Disgusting manipulation of Americans once again. You guys fall for the lies time and again.

  • Tree - 11 months ago

    So sick of this hypocrisy about "the children". We, the US, have killed, maimed, and burned alive, countless children over the years with bombs, napalm, drones, and more. What goes on in Syria is none of our damn business. We need to keep our noses out of the Middle East before we start WWIII.

    I have greatly supported Trump but on this, he did wrong.

  • Jim Wegman - 11 months ago

    I am hoping that our President had the attack happen to let the world know that there is a new sheriff in town. Obama is going! Am hoping that American booths don't need to be moved in.

  • Mary - 11 months ago

    Should have had the UN get involved.

  • joe litus - 11 months ago

    If the world, the US and even Russia REALLY wants to rid the world of Isis, and the 'other' 5 terrorists regimes, then there must be measured action and restrained force to seriously state the position that the world is ready to go to the extreme to fight RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM and it's FOLLOWERS!!.... The response by the allies of Syria, the Russians and the other terrorist nations will be the test as to the intentions of the world and the tenable nature of peace to exist.

  • Arizona - 11 months ago

    Trumps message was it lies with Putin to reign in his attack dog Assad. Putin baby, I love you but if you want to have continued peace & the oppty to do business rhen you'll get this done. Im under alot of pressure from the global community that has a zero tolerance policy for mass genocide...

  • Arizona - 11 months ago

    You take out his ability to do it again...and you dont announce it to the news until its done...not give them a chance to hide.

  • Malori - 11 months ago

    People! Sitting idly by is what allowed the Nazis killed millions of jews and numerous others. Taking swift, precise action when innocent lives are murdered is exactly what needed to be done. It was not a declaration of war just a shot accross the bow tha the US will not tolerate this type of behavior. The problem with the Middle East is they do not value life only power and strength... Trump did just that. God Bless the USA.

  • Amy - 11 months ago

    I support the President as well, and the whole world was watching for leadership after the chemical attack. I just can't shake the fear that it was a set-up by McCain and the rebel faction.

  • Renee Ballew - 11 months ago

    I support my president ???? %

  • Tom Chambers - 11 months ago

    Pat Stephen don't be scared. We have by far the strongest military in the world still. We have 20 aircraft carriers. China and Russia have one. We have 70 nuclear submarines. We have superior power and no one not even Russia will test our might.

  • Barbara Dmuchowski - 11 months ago

    The world feels and sees the USA is back!

  • Linda Berry - 11 months ago

    Genocide is unforgiveable. The source needed to he destroyed. Trump means what he says.
    NO MORE OF THE OBAMA NO ACTION! These barbarians need to know this will NOT be tolerated!

  • Pat Stephen - 11 months ago

    The only reason I don't is because we have such a week military and scared of what will happen. Sometimes I think we need to quit helping everyone else and help our own country. Not sure if this is good timing. This will really anger them and we have such a week military right now (thanks to Obama). I am scared.

  • Jim Walsh - 11 months ago

    Trump should personally write Ass-sad's name on a cruse missile , and send him a picture of it .

  • James Bradley - 11 months ago

    Now, tell me again how it was Assad who dropped chemical weapons...

  • Charlotte Curry - 11 months ago

    I agree with the other comments. There should have been more investigation into the gas attacks. The Syrian government supposedly shut down their chemical weapons program in 2013. What advantage would an attack like this have been to Assad? The rebels backed by the US have chemicals. Meanwhile back in the US we have a scandal brewing concerning Obama and his administration plus the intelligence community. ...ah! The CIA. Could this be a coincidence? The UN says survivors report it was the rebels.

  • Karyn - 11 months ago

    Tolerance ENDS when innocent children and babies are killed especially in such a horrible horrific way!!!! Our President stood up for these innocent people! I stand by his decision

  • Diana - 11 months ago

    But Kerry and Obama told us in 2013 the weapons were all gone...yet, assad had a stockpile in 2015. It doesn't matter who ordered the attack on the people of Syria, but President Trump ended it.

  • Angelena Foreman - 11 months ago

    We CANNOT allow other countries possess chemical weapons and or use them. Many do not understand that they are safe, alive, and free because the UN have been fighting to keep harsh weapons out of the hands of radical people and countries! You snowflakes need to understand that you enjoy life because of this and if you want to continue enjoying your and your families freedom and lives then educate yourself and thank the military for that gift!! God bless all those innocent babies, children, women and men that lost their precious lives in this horrific chemical attack!

  • Rhonda - 11 months ago

    Way to go Trump! Go get those ISIS baby killers!

  • Brenda shults - 11 months ago

    I don't believe Assad did this but if you take out the weapon and means of deployment it doesn't matter who it belongs to, it can't be used. I believe he bombed them but I believe the chemicals were the UN doing, and that he has traitors in his ranks. He needs to look at his people. And I believe the UN is behind it. Sadly, we will have to see in time. But if it can't be deployed it is no longer a threat.

  • Julie Schnur - 11 months ago

    i do support the target he chose however i am uncertain Assad did this nor do i think Russia did....something doesnt feel right and smells like a false question is who deceived and supplied the intel.....CIA? if so dont trust anything from this this department....waiting to see how this all shakes out

  • Lari - 11 months ago

    It is a false flag like Northwood. First time first yesr presidents fall for this sort of thing. The Middle East will always be at war. I do hate how horrific it is but do we know who really is at fault with the chemicals?

  • Lari - 11 months ago

    It is a false flag like Northwood. First time first yesr presidents fall for this sort of thing. The Middle East will always be at war. I do hate how horrific it is but do we know who really is at fault with the chemicals?

  • Lari - 11 months ago

    It is a false flag like Northwood. First time first yesr presidents fall for this sort of thing. The Middle East will always be at war. I do hate how horrific it is but do we know who really is at fault with the chemicals?

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