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Allyson Martinek vs Lauren Jbara (Poll Closed)

  • Allyson Martinek
    1,930 votes

  • Lauren Jbara
    2,036 votes


Posted 1 year.


  • CP - 1 year ago

    Before the voting was reset, the poll allowed multiple votes from each person so both candidates had a ton of votes. This means people were clicking and entering their votes manually. Sports Radio Detroit found clear evidence than many of Lauren's earlier votes came from a bot, or a computer programmed to repeatedly vote. This is blatant cheating that accounted for over 10,000 votes. Who would waste their time doing this for a poll like this? Very strange. I wouldn't be surprised if someone figured out a way to cheat the system again, but no proof, so congrats to Lauren! I'm sure she had nothing to do with the cheating and could care less avoit any of this.

  • Jill - 1 year ago

    I am critical of Allyson playing the blameless victim throughout this mess. Before the polls were reset she had over 40,000 votes and now she can't even get 2,000. Her fans won't acknowledge it but this looks like blatant cheating to me. Also, how wrapped up in yourself do you have to be to claim that your former coworkers care enough to sabotage you in an online popularity contest? She claims that this is 'just a fun contest for her' and that she doesn't care about winning but it looks like the opposite to me. Sad and petty, Allyson.

  • Downtown Lori - 1 year ago

    Allyson is only behind by 105 votes, but is claiming again that she is losing as a result of cheating. Is she serious? 105 votes and you are calling it hacking again. The contest was reset. Again, losing by only 105 votes, not thousands, but the contest is fixed? I'm wondering is she reacted this way to everything when working at WDVD. It's all coming together now if that's the case. Kudos to Blain Fowler for enduring that for so long.

  • محمد أبدول - 1 year ago

    الذهاب لورين. سأصوت من كابول

  • Marcus - 1 year ago

    Just heard about this survey today and wanted to let everyone know that they should vote for Lauren Jbara! She is so close to taking the lead!

  • Bill H - 1 year ago

    Brenda that is an absurd statement, just because the voting gets close doesn't in any way imply cheating. You have become too paranoid because of what happened before.

  • Brenda Martin - 1 year ago

    Looks like there is still some fraudulent voting being done yet again. This is not fair.

  • MJ - 1 year ago

    There seem to be a lot of bitter and angry folks on here over this contest. They reset the vote because it was "rigged" (albeit not by the contestant). Are rigged elections the new norm? Get over it! Resetting to zero should not change the outcome, it just evened the playing field. May the best DJ win!!!

  • DP DETROIT - 1 year ago

    I hate to call it like I see it, but it appears that Allyson is the only person actually campaigning for this contest. How many times can she "deeply thank" everyone for voting for her while sharing the link in hopes of more votes. She has done that everyday for over a week. It's an old trick to pretend you "care deeply" and you are in "complete shock" over the attention that you're getting when in fact, you are the one fueling all of it. Nothing against her, but my god lady get a grip. You are up against a WWJ midday news women on AM radio, an unemployed 26 year old sidekick, and a Pistons arena girl that hands out shirts at the Palace. If you have to campaign this hard and actually get the contest restarted at 0 for a "bot" voting for the Piston's girl that maybe makes $50 a game, you clearly need this honor more than her. We get it! You got fired! It happens to everyone in the business at some point and it took 20 years for it to happen to you. You seem to be ok and on a new station. You talk more about this contest than you do your radio program. A professional would let the Pistons arena girl win it with 1000 bots voting for her. You are not doing it for your "loyal fans" that love you and you don't want to "let down". You're doing it because you are a sore loser and for some reason this means everything to you. Odd.

  • AMY_MEANS_BUSINESS - 1 year ago

    Why have I never heard of any of these people?

  • Dawn - 1 year ago

    HonestAmy... Seriously? You really think she should win because she is younger? What a joke. Allyson has put endless hours into her career. Helping people, making them laugh. An awesome radio DJ. She has an amazing amount of followers. She is loved very much.

  • Susan B - 1 year ago

    Awww, this app turned my prior crying laughing emoji to ?????

  • Susan B - 1 year ago

    ????. Fake HonestAmy was OWNED!!!

  • HonestAmy - 1 year ago

    The ACTUAL HonestAmy knows better than to use the word "their", when the proper word in this case is "they're".

  • ActualHonestAmy - 1 year ago

    Who keeps pretending their me?!?!? I'm the real Amy and I want Lauren to win, because Lauren is the better choice especially since she is younger!!

  • The_Real_HonestAmy - 1 year ago

    Amy is right!! Someone was posing as me earlier and I think because of this we should restart the vote again. Why would I reverse going back on my opinions? that's something you can only do once.... clearly this person is a TRUMP SUPPORTER!! We should vote Lauren in just based on that!

  • HonestAmy - 1 year ago

    In case no one has noticed, someone is trolling these comments, putting in the same user name as people they disagree with, and claiming these users have reversed their position. I CERTAINLY did not reverse my position and say to vote for Lauren!!! FAKE NEWS! Talk about petty...

  • asdhgjj - 1 year ago

    дтысгыщс хтснко шрицом вфни

  • Andi - 1 year ago

    I really can't understand how anyone can question whether or not there was cheating going on. Seriously, do you actually believe that one hundred THOUSAND people voted in this one particular poll? Last round Lauren only received a total of 1168 votes, but this round she's got 60,000+? Come on! And there's PROOF, most of the votes were coming from one particular IP address.

    No one is saying Lauren or even Lauren's fans had anything to do with this, it's one particular person who is jealous of Allyson and doesn't want to see her succeed. No matter who Allyson was going up against, they would've cheated for that person.

  • Jessica - 1 year ago

    ACTUALLY!! I've changed my mind.... clearly the people complaining earlier about Lauren wining were SORE. LOSERS>>! What we need in here is for everyone to vote lauren, and obviously complain to get her thousands and thousands of votes back on the board. ROLL TIDE!!

  • Nico - 1 year ago

    Who is Lauren??

  • Martinek truther - 1 year ago

    Is anyone talking about the martinek bots???.....*cricket noises*..........Well now they will be. I am embarking on a hunger strike until the martinek LIARS and CHEATERS reveal themselves. I am prepared TO DIE for this cause. The truth is out there everyone...somewhere beneath the murky waters.........SOUND OUR RALLY CRY: EXSHPOOOOOSSSSEEEE HIIIIIIIImMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherrie - 1 year ago

    Great idea amy. I love that we can have our voices heard! Did you make that site yourself?

  • HonestAmy - 1 year ago

    To anyone who would like to protest, I encourage you to go to and let Sports Radio Detroit know that we won't put up with their "reset." Join me and we can get lauren back on top! Thank you.....

  • Jessica - 1 year ago


  • CP - 1 year ago

    If it wasn't rigged, then the outcome should be the same on Tuesday. If you take robo-voting out of the picture, you get a fair count of the "Favorite Media Personality". Stop whining about the reset and vote for your favorite. Anyone can still win. They looked at the voting and this was the only bracket that showed that the IP addresses were rigged. Yes, someone set up their computer to vote thousands of times all night long. I doubt anyone wants to win that way.

  • Becky - 1 year ago

    C'mon, people. Do you SERIOUSLY think tens of thousands of people are voting in this contest? Reality check time! When the votes go up astrometricly in a short about of time, it's pretty obvious that something shady is going on. I'm sure Lauren is a lovely person but she is not a household name in the region. I find it literally unbelievable that she would get THOUSANDS of votes in a stupid online poll.

  • Michelle - 1 year ago

    Oh dear, sore losers! Not rigged. Get over yourselves. You were able to vote several times from the same IP address in the same day. Lauren is the winner...Alyson is a sore loser. Get a grip. No cheating. That's what you are telling yourselves because you are sore losers......

  • Karla - 1 year ago

    I agree with the previous comment, I am disappointed in the reset as well! You come down to the final four to decide the site is compromised in some way! What is the point in even bothering to announce a winner as there is no REAL winner when you change the rules you alter the game.

  • CP - 1 year ago

    There was CHEATING going on! Is that the way to win? Here is what Sports Radio Detroit found:
    "Our staff looked into it and the IP addresses were rigged. So, there will be a reset of voting with one IP address"
    That seems fair to me....not "winning by default".

  • Julie Bozich - 1 year ago

    I am very disappointed in this "reset", I guess some people don't mind winning by "default" Last time I vote in this site!

  • Ken M - 1 year ago

    If this election has been compromised I think the American people will lose faith in fair elections. I can remember a time when people lived without fear of elections being rigged. I have heard about the Russian hackers fixing the US election for Trump but I never expected them to take interest in a Sports Radio Detroit poll. This is a sad day for all Americans.

  • Steve - 1 year ago

    crybaby alyson fans. Deal with reality. you lost! suck it??????? Keep crying while team lauren laughs all the way to the fuckin bank. MAGA

  • Chris - 1 year ago

    As many have said, just who is Lauren, ? Nobody I know or anyone on Facebook seems to know.......when votes for Allyson climbed above all of a sudden in a 2 hour span whoever Lauren is, flew up 20000 votes ahead........a machine vote speed.

  • Dan - 1 year ago

    I think all of you that are crying foul play with the polls don't understand that many college aged kids stay up late. I know that when I was out last night from around 1-3 I was voting for Lauren and was telling other friends I saw at the bar to do the same.

  • HonestAmy - 1 year ago

    Lauren is the rightful winner. I apologize for my earlier words. I agree to submit, and to "let lauren into my life." This contest has NOT been compromised. Please forgive me........

  • Annette Horde - 1 year ago

    This poll is rigged! I have been voting FROM DIFFERENT DEVICES even, and every time now it says my vote has already been counted. This is NOT counting votes for Allyson anymore!! This contest is completely tainted now.

  • Andi - 1 year ago

    I'm with HonestAmy. Nothing against Lauren, I'm sure she's wonderful but I went to bed at midnight and she had around 40,000 votes and now she's in the 60's overnight? This isn't a global contest where people in china voted while we slept. Very fishy...

  • HonestAmy - 1 year ago

    Actually, Sonya Lloyd, over a period of 20 min, @ 1am, I watched Lauren's votes increase by appx. 10,000. There is NO way that's legitimate. And the insult to the radio station is welk-deserved based on my knowledge of their business practices, and is not based solely on this contest.

  • Sonya Llyod - 1 year ago

    "HonestAmy": the score is currently 47% to 53% in favor of Lauren... how is there evidence of voter fraud?? Sounds to me like your favorite candidate isn't winning in a close vote, so you had to cry foul play and insult a good radio station. Sad!

  • HonestAmy - 1 year ago

    There is definitely a bot set up to vote for Lauren. *VOTER FRAUD*! Crappy, petty radio station, still crappy & petty.

  • Erin - 1 year ago

    Allyson is the best!!! Vote Allyson ❤️

  • Lucas again - 1 year ago

    Lauren is better then Alyson by a mile.

  • Lucas lol - 1 year ago

    vote for lauren!

  • Sonja Folley - 1 year ago

    I love Alyson .. always did
    Fun and she can relate to everyday life xo

  • Christine - 1 year ago

    Shirley, when you write quotation marks around a word it makes it seem like you do not mean that word. Stop using quotation marks to emphasis something. It is having the opposite effect than you intended. When you say you are "deeply" honored it makes it seem insincere and sarcastic. Just a tip to help you communicate more clearly...

  • Martinek truther - 1 year ago

    Voter fraud going on here--EXSHPOOOOSEEE HIIIMMMMM

  • Shirley Warholic Popovich - 1 year ago

    What is with the question marks that keeps being posted that I never submitted ?
    Please vote for Lauren Jbara

  • Shirley Warholic Popovich - 1 year ago

    SOO...... sorry ???? for those Question marks which did NOT appear when I wrote the post. ????????????????????

  • Shirley Warholic Popovich - 1 year ago

    I am " Truly " Humbled ????and Blessed to know Miss Lauren Jbara . As I followed and watched Lauren lthrough out her life, blossom into an " Amazing " Loving, Caring, human being, I am " Deeply " honored. . . My wish for you, ???? is to let Lauren into your life and .......
    " Please " , give Lauren your vote.
    Blessings to you and " ALL " of your Loved ❤ ones . ????

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