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Do you miss 'mom-and-pop' truck stops?

Posted 6 months.


  • vern - 5 months ago

    thanks to all the fast food joints for the past 30 years i just had 2 heart attacks caused by piss poor diet thanks mcD burger queen and hardlys no place to eat for me anymore

  • Chad - 5 months ago

    The independent truck stops always had the best lot lizards.

  • MN Crazy One - 5 months ago

    The independents I see either are really good or really bad. Not much in between. Too many haven't had the bathrooms steam cleaned or something to get rid of the urine smell in decades, have parking that looks like the aftermath of a missile strike, and poor service. Other ones are great places to eat. Considering how many want to just park for free and then fuel elsewhere for the discount on the fuel, you can't expect 'mom and pop' to survive. Part of this may be the ability to just do IFTA taxes instead of having to buy the right amount of fuel in each state.

  • One Bad Apple - 5 months ago

    With the "new wave" of driver out here these days, these chains appropriate. Got a couple more years before retirement. Can't come soon enough!!!

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