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Did You Like 2 Unlinked Episodes for Season 7's Opening?

Posted 1 year.


  • maddy - 1 year ago

    *A start of (no part of)

  • maddy - 1 year ago

    Sorry but... I can't vote on this poll, none of the choices feels right to me.

    Don't care more pony - What Gie said.

    No! Bring back 2-part big episodes! / Yes! Two different stories was better than one - I'd like it varied, sometimes two separate episodes and sometimes two parters. That way it would vary more and break the formula, perhaps that could also be part of giving the mane six a more fair amount and division of quality episodes between them.

  • tekydr - 1 year ago

    I agree with Gie and Steved. We don't need 2-parters every time a season premier rolls around. If it fits the story the writers are trying to tell, then yes, a 2-parter is fine. But if telling the story works better with two individual episodes, then that's what should be done. A 2-parter in the middle of a season or a 3/4-parter would be cool too, if it ever came to that. Whatever makes sense for a good flow in storytelling.

    For the record, I thought the two 1-parter premier episodes were great and had excellent dialogue.

  • Gie - 1 year ago

    @Frith: Saying "Don't care more pony" still sounds like people are oblivious. I certainly care about quality, I'd rather have a short show with the best quality than a long bad show. And the direction this show has gone it's losing that quality. All of my favourite character's episodes are hated and I'm not very satisfied with them myself. If you really think most of the episodes are great your favourite is not only getting lots of episodes but is also popular enough for you to belong. But seriously, if you really "don't care more pony" you definitely do not care for quality either. Or you're spoiled and your favourite character gets a lot of spotlight and development and you know the formular will give you the episodes you want. At least that's how you make it sound like.

  • Frith - 1 year ago

    @Gie: With each season of MLP:FIM having a fixed number of episodes (26, with the exception of season three), the situation is that either we get a season, or we don't. Ergo, "more pony" implies an entire season. Since I enjoy most of the episodes, I was looking forward to this season, and I continue to look forward to seeing the episodes that have yet to air. This is why "don't care more pony" was the right choice for me.

  • Memebyerin - 1 year ago

    2-parters are my favourite part of the show. Good/Bad 2-parters often set the tone for the season. Season 6 had bad/average 2-parters and i didn't like it, Season 4 had great/great 2-parters and i loved that season.

  • Jay - 1 year ago

    I wish there was a choice that let me say that i just didn't like either episodes. The first episode is just feels like a waste of time since in the end Starlight doesn't graduate even a little. It was annoying seeing callbacks to old characters like Ember but all of the visions are completly ruined by the fact that it's all based on how Twillight thinks about it so i was bored to tears quickly.

    The next episode was better then the first one but not by much, and Pinkie just kind of got on my nerves. Overall the episode wasn't anything we haven't seen before.

  • Jay - 1 year ago


  • Gie - 1 year ago

    @Frith: Not all the writers are as good, some of them tend to ruin characters and make people hate them and their episodes (which is why I often lose interest and it on/off with watching this show). I think this show would be much better if the writers wrote the episodes about the characters they're best at in this case, and if they're missing writer's for a character they can hire someone who is for said character.

    The part about my opinon on "don't care more pony" isn't part of what I said about two parters and singular episodes. That's why I used a space to separate the topics, please read more closely.

    I also judge episodes after I've watched them, that's why "don't care more pony" doesn't feel right for me considering it can be either good or bad. "Don't care more pony" doesn't do it for me because I believe in quality over quantity.

  • Frith - 1 year ago

    @Gie: With good writers, it matters not if the season starts with a two part story or two separate stories. Ergo, "don't care, more pony" is an expression of confidence in the craft of the writers. When you state that "People who says "don't care more pony" sounds like they accept anything, which means they must be incapable of knowing the difference of good and bad." you are making the argument that the quality of the writing is not at the same level for single episodes as it is for double episodes.

    I judge each episode after I've seen it, not before. So I say, because MLP:FIM is usually excellent, I care more that there continue to be pony episodes than I care what format they take. My vote for "Don't care more pony" reflects that.

  • Bullsye91 - 1 year ago

    Why is 'Yes! Two different stories was better than one' getting the least amount of votes!?
    We finally take a break from two-part premieres (which are getting pretty old I might add) and THIS is how we respond to it!?

    This is worse than the times we wanted the Simpsons to end and yet somehow voting polls always have "Don't end, more Simpsons" get the top vote!

  • SilverYuno - 1 year ago

    I think it's nice we are probably going to have a slow season before the big movie event later this year.

  • Gie - 1 year ago

    People who says "don't care more pony" sounds like they accept anything, which means they must be incapable of knowing the difference of good and bad. I've always felt like people who says this are ignorant, oblivious and doesn't understand writing and I always will.

    As for the question I like having a season start off with singular episodes, but with such episodes it'd be fun with two parters anywhere within a season. If they did that we wouldn't expect where in the season it'd be and the surprise would be awesome. I love formula breaking as I love more potential being used, it can keep a show refreshing even when using the main characters most of the time. I love Starlight Glimmer, but despite her being my third favorite I feel she needs less premieres/finales and more appearing in episodes where she ISN'T the star. It'd expand her character and relationship with the remane five, there's so much potential for that.

    Applejack in particular has the most potential for solo episodes at the moment, I just wish they'd actually use it because she desperately needs it.

    PS: Applejack, Rarity and Starlight Glimmer are my favs.

  • Steved - 1 year ago

    Personally, I like the big two part episodes. They tend to be my favorites. However, this time it turned out quite well overall—what they did for the first episode wouldn't have done well as a two-parter. I don't see a problem with the way they started it, but I can't help but agree with Frith about it not feeling too much like a big season opener. I definitely do still hope the finale is a two part episode.

  • Frith - 1 year ago

    Generally speaking, don't mind, more pony. But specifically these two episodes, especially Celestial Advice, did not start the season with a bang. OK, gently spinning off Glimmer's 'B-Team' friendship squad is something, but I don't think it's season premier material. The whole Twilight's fantasy spell, in triplicate, kind of just dragged it out and didn't really sell the idea that Glimmer is suddenly a Master of Friendship. She's spent most of last season proving how rotten she was at seeing interpony interactions as anything more than unpleasant ordeals.

    In short, we got two slice of life episodes and not a season opener. If Starlight _had_ been sucked into a magic hole, _that_ would have been a season opener.

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