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Should the city of Longmont allow marijuana shops within its limits? (Poll Closed)

  • Medical and recreational marijuana shops should be allowed.
    308 votes

  • Medical marijuana shops only should be allowed.
    33 votes

  • Recreational marijuana shops only should be allowed.
    4 votes

  • No marijuana shops should be allowed.
    229 votes


Posted 6 months.


  • montagna_lunga - 5 months ago

    So I got curious about what five people would say about this particular "poll." No. More. Words.

  • words - 5 months ago

    Smoke weed everyday!!

  • dumber... oops - 5 months ago

    my big thumbs on a tiny cell phone make mistakes. That was dumb of me.

  • More people die because of religion - 5 months ago

    How many people died or killed in the name of a god? Thousands this year alone and don't think christians are innocent either. I think we should impose the same rules on churches. Keep them away from schools and get the churches out of the downtown. My argument is no dummer then the stupid arbitrary rules that the city council is considering over pot.

  • Sure thing Cheech - 5 months ago

    You have been watching too much fake news. The only people who smoke are criminals, you know, people of non-European ancestry. Marijuana KILLS hundreds of of thousands of Americans Every year and that is a FACT! Every one of you people should be locked up, your possessions should be confiscated and you should rot in hell for smoking the devil's plant. Trump will make america great again by locking up all the pot head liberals! TRUMP 2020, 2024, 2028... forever!

  • Prohibition Doesn't Work - 5 months ago

    How many of you who say NO drink alcohol, take prescription pain killers, or drink soda? All of those things KILL thousands of people every month... MJ zero!

    There ate a lot of uneducated hypocrites (trumptards) who don't know enough to have an opinion on this subject. Those (mostly elderly) people should mind their oun business and frick off!

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