Do you think tax dollars should be spent to support a youth swim program?

Posted 6 months.

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  • Daniel Brown - 6 months ago

    While I'm glad to see the strong positive response in support of youth athletics here, it seems to me that the other options are all "false choices". Because, of course we have to spend tax money on infrastructure. Without the city-provided (i.e. tax-supported) ballparks and soccer fields, no amount of money would allow baseball and soccer for our youth. SOME of our tax money must go to infrastructure.
    Also, "Yes it's important" and "Some funding should be provided, but..." are not mutually exclusive. The phrasing of that poll option alone is a way of spreading disinformation; the majority of costs already DO fall on the participants, as has been proven in public over and over.
    And the "if/then" response implies that no public money is spent in support of any other youth programs. Not only is there some money spent from tax dollars in support of many youth programs (as it should be), there is also MUCH tax money supporting adult programs, including some at the pool and others within the park district.

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