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Should the Philippines assert its arbitral victory at ASEAN summit? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    969 votes

  • No
    124 votes

  • Maybe
    28 votes


Posted 7 months.


  • Kc Abalos - 6 months ago

    I can't believe that this has to be polled and asked.

  • Lourdes burgonio - 6 months ago

    Definitely yes!

  • Rudy Alix - 6 months ago

    The potential mineral resources in the area can provide for the energy needs of the country for decades to come. The proximity of these islands and submerged land masses to the main archipelago could make the country vulnerable to attack if occupied by intruders. Therefore these areas should be protected for economic, security and strategic reasons.

  • Ric Lamigo - 6 months ago

    However this year Chsirman won't insist on asserting the Tribunals decision favoring the Philippines.According to the source,the govt is waiting for the approval by consensus of Code of Conduct of the wherein China wrote the draft.
    Therefore,the situation is a one sided victory in favor of the TRANSGRESSOR exerting their policy of "DO WHAT WE SAY" favoring their claim of sovereignty over the whole of the Disputed Sea - South China Sea.

  • raquel garcia - 6 months ago

    Definitely! we must assert our victory !

  • Gwen Macaraig - 6 months ago

    I vote yes!

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