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Do you support a tax increase to fund riverfront development and sidewalk creation?

Posted 1 year.


  • TAMI STRASBURG - 11 months ago

    They come up with these ideas, and don't have the money. I work for one of the local businesses that's
    being forced out because of this project. When it came time for the city to close on this property, they didn't have the money, so they had to reschedule the closing!! Seems to me that they are counting the chickens
    before they hatch.
    Also, when it comes to the city, they are worthless. I lived in an area for nearly 30 yrs. We have no storm sewers. When in rains, all of our properties flood. I had the engineer from the city come out. His answer was the city will not pay for storm sewers in this area. Really? but you take my tax money.. Oh wait, we have to pay for the downtown development!!

  • Diane Sult - 11 months ago

    Let's see now. The Mayor and counsil people have raised our water bill, our car tax, a few years ago it was a library tax that is at least $90.00 bucks a year. And now you want 73.00 dollars more. Oh heck no! You people are really starting to make me mad. If the only you can do is steal money from us, what good are you? How about user fee? Charge to go see the stinking river.

  • Jay - 1 year ago

    The poll is currently at 75% against this project regarding the tax increase! I would bet if you did a poll for just the project it would have similar results to be against it. The majority of Fort Wayne residents will not benefit from this project. It is for the benefit mostly for the upper echelon in downtown Fort Wayne and the an occasional few that visit the area. Not to mention the city will be forcing a couple property owners to vacate by imitate domain.
    Fund it with private money, tax the downtown businesses that would benefit the most from the project or take it from Henry's extensive family and friend network.

  • RKelley - 1 year ago

    NO MORE TAXES! Do our elected officials listen? No! Employers in Fort Wayne are not giving big raises, if any at all. More and more is being taken out of our daily income - how are any of us going to be able to enjoy any of these downtown "things" if we don't have any extra income to go down there and spend money! The lottery was supposed to be to "fund the schools and the roads" when it was voted in. Where is all that profit going? (Into several politicians and CEO's pockets, probably). As others discussed - the 1% food & beverage tax in Fort Wayne - now the Coliseum remodels/adds on when they don't need because they have the money they have to use! And when they build the stadium downtown, what will happen to the Coliseum? It's time that the politicians listed to the people. Why vote any more when the people you vote for don't care or listen? Stop this ridiculous spending now!

  • krystal - 1 year ago

    I think that with all the other taxes we already are paying, its ridiculous that we have to struggle even more for something that is gonna get vandalized and trashed. On top of the fact that its gonna continue to cost us to have the up keep on it. I believe you should use the tax payers money on something that will actually help those who need it. If they want it done so bad then they should pay out of their own pockets and stop taking the people who survive on little to supply it.

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    Why dont the scumbags in city council use the money they stole from us to raise the roof on the coliseum? I mean, that 1% on everything you purchase dining out has paid for that project 10 times over already and we STILL have THAT tax!

    NO MORE MONEY FOR SCUMBAG THIEVES!!! A.K.A. Government goons!!!

  • Cheryl Smirhley - 1 year ago

    If the approve this property increase the seriors that are on SS won't be able to do anything cause they will be put out more money then what they are getting in, plus are car tags was $58 dollars a year and now they are $82 a year . Plus where did the money go for the wheel tax that supposed to be for the roads. We the tax payers are getting tried of flipping the bills if the city council and the mayor what's this let them pay for it. The river front can wait there are more inportant things to be done. Like about the water vein they are over 100 years old water vein keep breaking in the winter. But the council and the mayor don't care about that. But there is a lot of tax payers are paying a lot out but don't see anything for it.

  • eldon lackey - 1 year ago

    This is a never ending process we need we need more of your tax money do not worry people we the city government of Fort Wayne will make your city a better place for all,only if you keep giving us more and more of that green stuff,because we know how you want things that's right a hand full of politicians know just what you want and need.Trust us we know what is best for you.This con game will continue as long as we set back and say nothing,time to let the people decide what we want and do not want,t is called a vote.Not some back door deal to make the fat cats fatter.This just my opinion and yes I believe I still have a right to one,and a right to speak on how my tax money is being spent.Be silent no more tell them we want a vote on how things are done that we the the tax payer are footing the bill for.

  • shelley mansker - 1 year ago

    Wow, folks making these decisions must be totally out of touch with the financial situations of a lot of people in Fort Wayne. The proposed tax increase may not seem like a lot of money to them but it is to many Fort Wayne residence.

  • Anonymous - 1 year ago

    Focus should be on bringing large employers to Fort Wayne with high quality jobs not on extra bike paths and river beautification. After we have larger employers, then focus on beautification once the tax base is larger. Goal should be to find 5-10 new employers who each will employ 500-2000 people at $60K+.

  • John Bloom - 1 year ago

    If enthusiasm is so high put it to a vote. If he is proved to be right it would shut up the nay sayers. The only people I know that like downtown redevelopment are the people that work downtown. And not all of them. And do not forget we will be paying for the big dig and the rest of the sewer fix, they will want more tax money for the Arena, GE, and steam park. Which will all cost more than they are saying now. Tax payers are going to take a bath. Henry ,Crawford and the rest are out of touch. Because of the property tax freeze schools are falling behind. If they can not afford busses then we should build the kids sidewalks.But none of the new tax money should be spent on the Riverfront. Combining the two is dishonest and a Trojan horse. Crawford in the last twenty years backed the Public Safety Academy which cost us $23 million and now we have to wait till we pay it off so we can give it to Ivy Tech. Are paying for a stadium, pay all the utilities,upkeep,charge no rent to the Tincaps,and share in none of the profits.Built a sky bridge for a million. Guarantee a profit for the hotel. Give $250,000 a year for the Harrison. One million to narrow Calhoun another Million to widen it, Still pay for 60% of the costs for the Grand Wayne Center. A real visionary .Downtown is a house of cards built on the backs of taxpayers

  • dustin - 1 year ago

    How about let's fix up the run down parts of fort wayne and fix are road with are tax money that you get now. Are tax money goes to over paid people and nothing ever gets done to are city besides pointless stuff

  • AJB - 1 year ago

    The restaurant tax was supposed to be only for a few years to help the Memorial Coliseum make some updates. 20 years later, the coliseum is still collecting our restaurant tax and has gone through many renovations. Use that restaurant tax to fund the river front projects now.

  • Sidewalks over riverfront - 1 year ago

    Riverfront aside, the sidewalks should be a much larger priority. There are kids that walk along Coldwater Rd heading to Northrop in areas where no sidewalk is present!

  • Annette - 1 year ago

    First came coit, then loit, then they steal the legacy money. Then we get the wheel tax,( thanks Mr Crawford)
    in which we pay and extra $90.50 for our vehicles and trailer, now they want to tax us again for the downtown riverfront when is it going to end?Live like we do City of Ft Wayne PAY AS YOU GO OR DON'T PAY AT ALL!!!! Another reason to move from the place I have called home for all of my 50+ years. Thanks Councilmen Crawford, Didier, Freistopher and Hines.........

  • Yolanda Tomei - 1 year ago

    No ,No,No, the state already raised taxes for infrastructure blah, blah, blah. Thought that infrastructure included those type of projects within the cities of Indiana. I also do not plan on using the riverfront ever. I agree those who want it should pay for it. It's a waste of taxpayers money we could and should put our money to better use. Another comment made, it'll bring higher paying jobs. Hogwash you mean it'll put more money into the rich people's pockets not your everyday hard workers. That's a lie just like everything that comes out of their mouths weather they're democrats or republicans.

  • Jimbo - 1 year ago

    I'd bet the people supporting this tax increase fall into one of four categories (1) people who will economically benefit from the riverfront development in some way, such as an increase in home value, or property value, or more business for their business, etc (2) people who don't really pay much tax and therefore don't feel the pain of over-taxation (3) clueless young people who support people like Bernie Sanders and (4) politicians who want this "riverfront development" as part of their "legacy."

  • kms - 1 year ago

    totally absurd. we are taxed enough already... you try living on 49,000. everything is prices are way too high....that tax was supposed to be a temporary tax anyway. why not let people who use the thing pay for it in some way. no use , no pay. republicans are no better than democrats when it comes to taxing people. I think we have had enough.

  • Howard - 1 year ago

    This is one of a handful of reasons I moved out of the City of Fort Wayne.

  • Over taxed taxpayer - 1 year ago

    Politicians can never have enough of other peoples' money for their pet projects. Most people living in Fort Wayne will never go to this "riverfront development." I have been living in Fort Wayne for three years and I have never really been downtown. I keep hearing about all of these parks and the new development, but I haven't gone and I DON'T plan on going. And I don't plan on doing anything different because they are doing this development. I prefer to be away from the types of people that these things attract. In fact, that is why I moved to Fort Wayne. I moved from a big city that had world class restaurants and bars and clubs all over. Let the big cities keep that stuff. If this development will be such an economic boon for the city, let Mayor Henry, who looks and acts like a used car salesman, let the developers borrow some of HIS money. It is sure to be an economic boon, right Henry? I really hope any future annexation by Fort Wayne is blocked. These people couldn't run a lemonade stand properly. Why you people keep electing Henry is a great mystery to me.

  • Anonymous 2 - 1 year ago

    Just like David said, State raising the gas tax, wanting to raise the vehicle tax, property taxes have gone up, also just in case anyone has noticed when you renew your registration and IF you live in the city of Ft Wayne they have already added the extra $25.00 to this wheel tax???ENOUGH!!!!!! GO FIND THE MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE!! NO RIVERFRONT AND NO EXTRA TAXES.

  • Jessie - 1 year ago

    The riverfront along with all the various plans going on right now is ridiculous. I do not plan on ever using the riverfront and I have no desire to pay additional tax for it. If the Mayor wants this he and his cronies should come up with the money and leave the citizens of Fort Wayne out of it. NO, NO, NO!!!!!

  • Randy - 1 year ago

    Did residents get to vote on Riverfront Development? If not then residents should not be taxed to pay for it. As mentioned in other comments, way too many people are on fixed incomes and cannot absorb more decreases in their take home pay.

  • Dave - 1 year ago

    I called this awhile ago. They do not want to spend the money they have on the riverfront. I new they would raise taxes to fund it. That's all democrats know how to do. Raise taxes and spend money like it's not theirs. BOHICA everybody.

  • Walden - 1 year ago

    This should be funded entirely by the private sector. The city government has too many pots in the fire and the taxpayers should not pay the bill. We still have the 1% food and beverage tax that paid for the Coliseum expansion and has never been removed. Give tax breaks to private developers to encourage them to develop the waterfront. Stop squeezing the taxpayer or you will drive people out of Fort Wayne.

  • brenda - 1 year ago

    If you can so easily make us pay higher tax rates why can't we decide where the money should go. Like homes for the homeless and repairs to existing houses, making this truly worthy.

  • Billie - 1 year ago

    No. For all of the same reasons that David stated. Taxes go up, but for many of us raises are far and few between if at all, AND they are meager at best. Find another way to fund it.

  • Jack Mehoff - 1 year ago

    City council and the mayor as usual need to get their fangs into the tax payers wallet, just like Dracula needed to tap into his victims.

  • David - 1 year ago

    I vote no. The state wants to add on another .10 per gallon of gas. They also want to add on additional taxes to our vehicle registrations. And now the city wants to raise taxes to pay for the river development. If the Mayor has moved this to the top of his agenda, then he needs to figure it out without putting it on the back of the citizens of this city. We're already taxed enough as it is and now our state level taxes are going up. And who knows what will happen with our Federal Income Tax. And now property values are going up again, and so that means our property taxes are going to go up. Enough is enough. And as the poll shows, a very large majority are against this tax hike. How are people who are at, or even below the median income level going to afford even more taxes than they are already paying? The Mayor says this will bring in younger people, therefore, eventually jobs will want to locate here. That may very well be, but if he keeps increasing taxes on the citizens of this city, there's going to be a lot of people who are fed up and will start leaving. Then what?

  • mike williams - 1 year ago

    Anytime the city wants money they rsise or put on a new tax. Why can the public let this happen. No money no riverfront period.

  • Anonymous - 1 year ago

    Let them fund it with private money...why do we as taxpayers have to pay for their dreams...we have our own to pay for

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