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Should Duterte accept Trump's invitation to the White House? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes.
    932 votes

  • No.
    273 votes

  • Maybe.
    53 votes


Posted 7 months.


  • Saint - 6 months ago

    He should go as inline with his open international policy. 1.Business is a key that he should go white house, 2 Defense review. We are people of open minded for the benefit of the Philippines irregardless of our political affiliation. Only an an immature Filipino doesn't need our country to become a premier nation of the future.

  • Enrique Angeles - 6 months ago

    Duterte doesn't deserve a welcome from Trump or the people of the USA. He shouldn't go because he doesn't deserve to go.

  • Andrew Domo - 6 months ago

    Duterte should accept Trump's invitation if only to piss off those who don't want him there. And while he's in the US, he should lash back at the black propaganda machine like NYT, Time and CNN and Loida Lewis.
    Duterte is the best president Philippines has ever had. Those who want him out are the oligarchs, drug addicts, drug pushers, drug lords, drug protectors, mining stakeholders, corrupt government officials, criminals, paid journalists, Liberal Party die-hards. To us law-abiding, peace-loving citizens, Duterte is heavensent.

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