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Which Mane 6 Pony Has the Best Family?

Posted 1 year.


  • Numbersix - 1 year ago

    1.) don't post the poll BEFORE the release of "Parental Glideance"! There are some, like me, who are sticked to the American schedule.
    2.) I am a huge Rainbow Dash fan. But I don't like her parents, because they are over the top crazy. (keeping the diaper as a momentum? That is a little bit too extreme)
    3.) I voted Rarity because I like the sisters and her parents. The parents are funny and CALM.
    4.) Don't get offended by this comment. It's my opinion and I respect yours. ^^

  • IssYerBoiDonaldTrumpet - 1 year ago

    i think rarity was the obvious winner here and am disappointed in americas vote

  • lordelliott - 1 year ago

    Applejack is related to everyone, so the poll results make sense.

  • Lukie - 1 year ago

    Did I miss an episode, I've never seen Rainbow Dash's family.

  • Sara - 1 year ago

    Bon Bon, it says *family*, not parents. And we've known AJ's relationship to Apple Bloom, Big Mac, and Granny Smith longer on this series than any other character listed. This poll judged nicely. :)

  • sam - 1 year ago

    Rainbow Crash!!

  • Mojo - 1 year ago

    Applejack and Pinkie are the only ones who have gotten more than like one episode going into their family, so they kinda win this one by default.

  • Bon Bon - 1 year ago

    Huh? Applejack's parents are the best? :|
    How should iterpret this?..
    Best parents are dead parents? :P
    Kinda reminds me of this:

  • DerPon3 - 1 year ago

    Applejack has no parents, why she is winning

  • Hakirayleigh - 1 year ago

    Wow. I never expected Applejack is winning, because too many people said are tired of Apples episodes. I hope Rarity's father would be a retired buckball star or Mrs. Shy a scientist.

  • Sunset Shimmer - 1 year ago

    I like Rainbow Dash's because her parents are so over the top crazy. Parental. Glidence made me laugh so much

  • Emptybee - 1 year ago

    I suspect most people aren't considering Spike or the CMC when answering this, probably because we think of them as characters in their own right not just as "X's family". I know I was thinking about Big Mac and Granny when I voted for Applejack, Apple Bloom never crossed my mind. That would explain why Rarity is doing so poorly.

  • Swash - 1 year ago

    Twilight has a dragon.

  • Frith - 1 year ago

    In before Applejack wins all the polls! (Just teasing the people who are bound to show up with sweeping doomsday generalizations. You know who you are, even if I don't! 8^D)

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