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Grade the 'Chicago Fire' Season 5 finale:

Posted 6 months.


  • Nessa - 3 months ago

    If Matt dies I will cry my eyes out and never watch anymore of it I think he is the most important bc he has Dawson and like he said she is "the miracle" so plz don't let Matt die he has Dawson and she can't loose him

  • Sinazo - 3 months ago

    Please don't kill Casey in everything you do. If Casey dies then am also done with the show i can't watch my favorite actor dies.

  • Sinazo - 3 months ago

    Please don't kill Casey in everything you do. If Casey dies then am also done with the show i can't watch my favorite actor dies.

  • Rochelle - 4 months ago

    I have watched Chicago fire since season one episode one. I watch to escape reality. If the show gets too sad, then I'll have to stop watching. Enough is enough. You can dip in and out of sadness but we are attached to these characters. It's hardly realistic but it is my entertainment. Save them all .

  • Curtis Johnson - 4 months ago

    I hope they all make it out. Mouch might not make it since he said it was his last shift before he retire. It was really a tear-jerker and I'm looking for to the next season.

  • Chantelle - 4 months ago

    If Casey dies that's it for me ! I won't watch it anymore !! Don't kill off Casey pleaseee

  • Tasneem - 4 months ago

    Nobody must die????. Chicago series are the best.

  • Kelly - 5 months ago

    I absolutely love this show ( along with Chicago PD ) with all the great characters i really dont want any of them to die , Dont kill any of them of i ❤️ Them all x

  • Sandi - 5 months ago

    If any of them die, I am done watching Chicago Fire!!

  • Jarrod Harbour - 5 months ago

    Line of duty deaths are part of the job but not to the extent of what Station 51 goes thru. In all reality Casey would be dead already by removing his mask in that heated atmosphere, but this is TV and not a real fire so I am sure he will miraculously be rescued by Severide. Unfortunately I am seeing Episode 1 of next season opening with everyone at Mouch's funeral.

  • Ffw - 5 months ago

    Do the right thing!

  • Cheryl Montoya - 5 months ago

    Let them let them live! It's just too sad if they die. It is so much happiness when they live! I know it doesn't matter much, but I do stop watching shows when I can't take a death of someone important enough to me. You take us into their personal worlds and allow our feelings to become friends, (with no arguments between each other) so if you kill them off, it's a loss to us and sometimes it's just better to turn you off then grieve by watching you again.

  • William Benton - 5 months ago

    In real life firemen and policemen actually die on duty. I'm a retired firefighter Captain. People please look at your local first responders in the same light you look at these t.v. hero's. They deserve the same idolatry that these guys get and I believe they'll say the same.

  • Toni Gist - 5 months ago

    I love this show. I've watched it since it first came on. Every character makes it what it is.
    I would hate to see Casey and Mouch be killed off.
    Casey just found happiness and I was hopping
    They would have a chance to get a child for good.
    Why would the writers do this to the fans.
    Without those outstanding actors in the roles they play.
    I don't see Chicago Fire being around very long

  • Autum Castorena - 5 months ago

    Are you kidding me? If any of them die, I done with the show. This has been my favorite show for 5 seasons. It just can not end this way. What the heck happened? Why were there no otber trucks responding? Why were the hoses not on...they had most of 51 inside. Not consistent with the writing for the last 5 seasons. We're they trying to make us choose who we want to survive? Not cool.

  • Toni James - 5 months ago

    Love all my Chicago shows. You can't let them died. Their characters make the show. Dawson needs Casey. Casey needs Severide. And the chief needs them all.

  • Riley W - 5 months ago

    I can't believe that that all might die. I want them to save all of them. But they might have to kill one or two.

  • Bill hubert - 5 months ago

    Can't break up the family. Great show

  • Logan - 5 months ago

    If Casey or Herman die the show is going to be ruined,It was a really sad episode at the end with Casey's speech and mouch having a heart attack

  • Aryn - 5 months ago

    Unfortunately, they kill off main characters all the time. The most recent was Nashville. TV producers and networks are ruthless for ratings. Or, Jesse Spencer may have an offer her wanted to accept elsewhere. Or he could get out. We will wait. Mouch is gone. There has been too much for shadowing to that effect since his buddy the sales guy showed up, his inner struggle with it and tearful convo with his wife. It can't get more ironic. I think somehow the rest get out. It's been seven seasons though. Look at Grey's. How many main (MAIN) characters are still on there. I'm not heartless. I bawled like a little baby, but it's realistic some of these guys are gone.

  • Lee - 5 months ago

    Firemen die, but all trapped and no other house to assist? It is not realistic. More houses would be there it was a 4 fire alarm .
    The whole team are great actors, and I can't see Chicago fire without them.....
    Bring them back.... munch not ready to retire or die.... the writers are prejudice on age? Older firemen are not worth it?
    I am done writing... fix it.... or you need new writers and advisers.

  • Diane M. - 6 months ago

    I really love CF.It really is one of the best shows on tv! However,I do have comment on a couple of things.First, I could not believe that no other fire trucks responded to such a huge fire! Second, I could not believe that all the firefighters just stood their and did nothing to save their beloved lieutenants and the other guys and (gal-Stella). Really writers? I don't believe that would happen in a million years, especially with such a tight group! It looks like somebody dropped the ball on this episode! Plus We cannot believe we have to wait 4-5 months to see who dies and who lives! PS- To the person who commented that Casey died already I just want to tell her Casey didn't die yet as I remember it Casey was talking to Dawson when the show went off for the season.

  • Diana - 6 months ago

    I cried the hole time get my guys out pls

  • Elizabeth J - 6 months ago

    Where were the backup engines. No single company fights a fire that big without backup.
    What itshowed was just how serious fire fighters are st doing there job. Putting their lives at risk to save people and property
    Go to your firehouse and thank them for their service. Give them a meal. Let them know you appreciate them
    Hopefully there will be a rescue

  • Thomas - 6 months ago

    VG in my opinion, since they didn't seem to be doing as much as usual to fight the fire, save the staff, add a truck or two, or even hint at an explanation of above. One fact to consider is sometimes actors leave shows, without the public knowing why, so CFD may need to write someone out they would prefer to keep.

  • Thomas Walker - 6 months ago

    VG in my opinion, since they didn't seem to be doing as much as usual to fight the fire, save the staff, add a truck or two, or even hint at an explanation of above. One fact to consider is sometimes actors leave shows, without the public knowing why, so CFD may need to write someone out they would prefer to keep.

  • Bob Butler - 6 months ago

    Best show ever. We don't miss shows. We even have seasons 1tbrough 4 on disc. Kelly, Casey, Herman, Otis and Mouch are in a tough spot but they are the blue collars we come home to watch on our networks to get away from our daily troubles. They are the core of the show we love to watch for they are our t.v. family. Some good feel miracle needs to happen to allow them all to survive to give us viewers there is hope there are second chances there is the ability to see good in the darkest hour. This would build an even stronger following of viewers. Worst thing in the word is disappointment.

  • Judy - 6 months ago

    Oh boy, the tears were flowing last night. I have to remind myself that it's a TV show. I knew Casey was going to be caught in the fire because of the promos. He will somehow miraculously make it out of there. He has to. There wasn't a lot of focus on Severide so he will make it out. The real surprise for me was Mouch collapsing and I believe he has died. Hermann tried to bring him back but to no avail. This is when I really started crying. Mouch is gone and I was not prepared for that. Hermann?. He's gotta be ok or Firehouse 51 is gonna be really bleak. His character is a good one. Can't believe I have to wait 4 months to see how this plays out.
    Chicago Fire, PD and Med are absolutely excellent, excellent shows. They have been cast so well. Chicago Justice is a work in progress and will only get better if given a chance. Gosh I love TV.

  • Barbara Waddell - 6 months ago

    If all thos firefighters don't make it out of that fire,to me they all make the show work. How can you replace all those men. Will show still work.? Don't think so. Save those men.. The ending was very tragic and sad.

  • Pat - 6 months ago

    The show overall was very good as usual but the ending was just to sad for me to like. I think that it was sad and pulled at my heartstrings.

  • Barbara waddell - 6 months ago

    If you let all those guys die in the fire it would be end of the show, all the people ion Chicago make up th

  • Vickie O'Day - 6 months ago

    I wish the "powers that be" had not killed off the 2 characters, especially the MAIN character! Jesse Spencer was the heart of the show. This season finale was the cruelest one EVER! What were they thinking???

  • Nelson - 6 months ago

    Casey better not die!

  • LoveChicagoFire - 6 months ago

    Best show on tv, I look forward to it every week! PLEASE don't kill off all the best people!! I'll be devastated if they all don't make it out! How good would the show be without them...FREE THEM!

  • Chelins - 6 months ago

    Flareon Firefighter, Thank you for your service, but this is fiction, isn't life hard enough so many police, firemen have died just this year, never mind years past, in MA we had a bad warehouse fire a few years back, I don't have to tell you the outcome...yes we expect them to be perfect real, firefighters, it's TV, I know I need a break from all this craziness in the real world, I don't want to see my favorite show loose characters, I can't wait for every Tuesday night to watch them, best show on, the spin offs, r OK, but Chicago Fire is the best.... they are like family to a lot of people, neighbors, I know, maybe we lead a boring life, happiness can happen sometimes in a Firehouse, I'm sure you can recall a few happy moments....again Thank you for your service, just a huge fan????????????

  • Chelins - 6 months ago

    * not released, auto correct decides, they just are starting there lives, let's see some happiness, to much sadness in this world, we could have a finale that ended with someone being pregnant, something happy, good TV doesn't have to be so sad.....

  • Flareon Firefighter - 6 months ago

    To all those saying "If the characters die, I'm gunna stop watching" is honestly laughable. This is what can and has happened before , not just on some TV show, but in reality. An example would be the Charleston 9, God rest their souls. A show is giving you the harsh reality of what can happen, and y'all are threatening to leave? That's honestly hysterical. Maydays and Line of duty deaths are a harsh reality, and in my opinion, is honestly welcome to this series, to show the fact that in this line of work people die. I can forgive the "Every CPR call ends happily" ( Which btw, only 11% of pre-hospital CPR brings back a patient), and some other short comings, but to really strengthen​the show, it needs the realism of not everyone​ puts their boots back on at the end of the day. You can only laugh at death so many times before he says your time is up, especially in firefighting. My question is though, for a warehouse fire, where was the second or third due engine? Not all fires are handled by a single house (Or department for that matter). If my station had a fire like that, we woul immediately be striking out at least a 3rd box or even a 4th box, to get Aerials and manpower to the scene. And with that, I'll leave with this: If fear wasn't a factor, everyone would be in bunkers. Not every one goes home, in reality, 100 firefighters die every year, and I pray in my lifetime, with training, and with diligence, we can make that number less than fifty.

  • Kristy Avery - 6 months ago

    If u let casey or severe die, I will not watch show again...they r the show, don't take the crew away, it would never b the same

  • Chelins - 6 months ago

    Please..... please... don't kill off anymore .... luv them all, there family ( I know) but it's the best show out's gonna be a long summer love Casey, Dawson, they just released starting there life, Severide, has been thru so much, they need each other HOUSE 51 must stay, otherwise I'm done, too many tears....

  • Sharon - 6 months ago

    If original Caasey character now be end of it that is not FAIR to ALL regular viewers of that show. If I was not going to be home it wld go on the PVR. All good shows r being terminated or loosing best characters who portray them. Grays Anstomy lost P. Dempsey. Saving Hope has finished totally.

  • Nicole Chamberland - 6 months ago

    I agree with Donna Passig. I'm so tired of shows killing off everybody.

  • Trevor Taylor - 6 months ago

    In my 36 years as a firefighter, we used to put " the wet stuff on the red stuff", Not in the episode , even the car fire at the start of the show, did anyone pull a cover line, the basic of all firefighting, the reality is very poor..

  • Donna passig - 6 months ago

    If let them die the show won't be that good when it comes back,even if put other new faces it b the same, that's y the good shows aren't good when it comes back they replaced all the ones that were there when the series started​,pls don't take them out have some one go in and save them pls or ur series won't b the same and lose viewers a lot of them,no thank u 4 leaving us hanging w tears.

  • Nancy Pesta - 6 months ago

    Where was Severide? Pls let Hermann and Casey survive.

  • Will - 6 months ago

    My daughter is a real Chicago firefighter and made me tear up just thinking that could happen to her

  • D NEX - 6 months ago

    That was one of the best season finale I ever seen????????????. I hope everyone makes it out alive???????? However, someone or a few are going to die ????????????. It's show of fire fighters, they run into burning buildings and some times they don't make it out.. it would be disappointing if someone didn't die, it's a really bad warehouse fire..

  • Rosario Aranda - 6 months ago

    You have no idea how much I've been crying! We get close to these characters and they become familiar to us. Even though they aren't "real", it hurts to see them go. Don't do this!

  • TommiD17 - 6 months ago

    WOW!! Really brought home the danger our first responders face. This tragedy could be very overwhelming to House 51. Have to hope some of the trapped fighters get out. I really hate that we have to wait until Sept-Oct to find out the losses. The characters in this show have built a great deal of empathy in the show's fans. Depending on how bad the outcome, there will be some very real grief felt by a large number of fans.

  • Ivy - 6 months ago

    If they die especially Casey I will never watch these shows ever again. First u take away shay! Don't u dare tell me we loose another person! For crying out loud Anna just died! NO MORE DEATH

  • Ivy - 6 months ago

    If they die especially Casey I will never watch these shows ever again. First u take away shay! Don't u dare tell me we loose another person! For crying out loud Anna just died! NO MORE DEATH

  • Deanna Dimmerling - 6 months ago

    Please do not take Casey or any of those guys off the show, especially Casey. Too sad & the show would not be the same!

  • Kate Cooper - 6 months ago

    THAT was a horrible ending! Good Lord! I get that you want it dramatic so people will tune in next season but you better bring the 51 crew back!

  • D chalmers - 6 months ago

    Save Casey

  • Pat Koos - 6 months ago

    SAVE THEM !!!!!!!

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