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Grade the 'Supernatural' Season 12 finale:

Posted 6 months.


  • Please just resurrect everyone - 5 months ago

    Please please bring Rowena back! Her story was developing so well and i adore Ruth Connell's acting she became instantly my favorite character and i love her sass! I think the plot on this show is going to the right direction but just stop killing everyone off

  • Reba - 5 months ago

    I can't believe Crowley is dead. Besides Dean he's my favorite character. This next season will be so bland without him. Loved seeing Bobby again! Please get rid of the mom! She hasn't brought anything to the show. She's missed out on her boys lives, but when she comes back to life she needs all this time alone? What kind of mom does that? Anyway, well miss Cass and Rowena. But please bring back Mark as Crowley.

  • Rhonda Carr - 5 months ago

    My husband & I & our 17 yr. old daughter have been fans of Supernatural since it started! Love the show, love Jensen & Jarrod so much! This is one of very few shows that we never seem to tire of watching! My daughter binge watched the entire past seasons -said she had forgotten so many because she was so young during the early years. The finale was excellent! Loved the dual storylines with the Brits & the Devil Baby! Happy Brits are history!! Not happy Castiel seems to have died! Love Castiel! Please bring him back & Crowley & Mary! All are great characters! Hope the next season is as fantastic as this past one! Great writing! Wonderful acting! Awesome production & makeup! ????????????

  • You are still awesome, show!!! - 5 months ago

    One of the best finales in a while. I love Crowley, Rowena and Castiel , BUT I still hope all three deaths stick. It's becoming too predictable that any main character death is only temporary. We needed a shakeup.

  • Victoria - 5 months ago

    I do hope that Crowley, Cas and Rowena will be back in the show. Personally, that's why I watch it! Those 3 really make the show and I was upset when all 3 of them died! It was like, what the heck is going on? I will also say that it was extremely dumb seeing the devil's baby completely grown up right after giving birth! That made absolutely no sense at all! If Crowley, Cas and Rowena aren't brought back to the show, I will stop watching it. Oh, it was great to see Bobby though! He was another character that I absolutely loved! I've been a faithful fun from the beginning, but if you don't bring my favorite characters back, then I'm done.

  • Aset - 5 months ago

    Like always it left US with alot of questions, what will happen to Lucefer And Mary? How will Bobby react to alive Mary? He said shes dead in his world. Is CAS dead Forever? Was the Vision Jack showed castiel a liebe? Is Jack a Devils existente from the very start? Bcs he looked dann creepy and scary to me. And what will Sam and Dean so now? They must ne real broken trying to resurrect castiel somehow, Bring their molther Back, and Deal with the( how i think) very creepy jack! But I loved this all

  • Vicki - 5 months ago

    ???? There can be NO Paradise without Cas & Crowley, and Mary. If S13 is going to be it... & even if not, They Gotta Come Back!!! Who's going to seal the gates of hell?? Who's going to guide Jack?? Who's going to help with the little Winchester grandkids that'll be coming along in paradise?? ...But on a happier note, thank you for destroying the British MOL!! Great writing & acting!! I love Supernatural!!! I love the brothers, the bromances with Cass & Crowley, the humor, the snark, the awesome cast & the drama! I've been watching since the beginning & every time I've thought the storylines are exhausted you surprise me again❣️

  • Fan of super - 5 months ago

    Good ending . Surprised at Crowley sacrifice. Mary sure loves her boys. Curious about Jack... look forward to call. Love all the actors thanx for a great show

  • Tom - 5 months ago

    I thought this season finale was great. I love how they brought back the classic road so far Music. And the episode itself was superb. There were many moments where I said oh shit. And the last was like an ooh shit. I'm happy that Alexander Calvert will be playing jack I think he's a great actor. I have many questions though. My most prominent one is. WHAT HAPPENS TO MARY AND LUCIFER

  • Bobbys Righttoenail - 5 months ago

    I look for Cas to have been out of Jimmys body so he didn't die and can reanimate. I suspect Crowley is gone. To bring him back would cheapen his sacrifice, however he never does anything without an out, so maybe. I hope alternate Bobby traded his angel killing gUn to cross the barrier into this world. I miss Bobby. ...even if he's not the gruff lovable "father" to the boys but a super bad ass killing machine.
    I hope since they've shown and mentioned Garth so much that they get him back. (Has Z Nation been renewed?) He and his pack of werewolves would be cool as back up occasionally since MOL help is gone. I hope the headquarters is gone too, that was becoming a crutch and getting stale. The boys need to be on the road, in cheap hotels, eating bad food and cheap whisky.
    If Crowley and Cas are really gone, I look for the upcoming season to be the last.
    Guess we'll see in the fall.

  • Kay - 5 months ago

    I thought it was great until Cass was killed! Hope they figure out some way to bring him back, and Crowley too!

  • Vrinda bond - 5 months ago

    It was a grand hour from spn. Crowley cheated death once! I hope he does it again in season 13, as for castiel I think his death was more drama effect than anything else, but what I'm looking forward to is Lucifer and Mary in the alternate reality...and little big Jack. With all said and done I think it was a pretty awesome finale.

  • The darkness - 5 months ago

    Still don't understand why they push the whole lucifer line when michales still in the cage

  • Jodi Fuller - 6 months ago

    I really enjoyed the season finale. It's not the best one but close. Looking forward to season 13 except I heard something about a Scooby Doo crossover? I like Scooby Doo but not with my Supernatural.

  • Amanda - 6 months ago

    How do they do it? The show just keeps getting better and better! Superb writing, acting, and special effects! I don't know how I'll survive when the show goes off the air. It's like the power house of soap operas. What an amazing story line from the beginning until now. Even though it wasn't really Bobby, I'm sooooo happy he was brought back for at least an episode. I loved his character.

  • True Latinmocha - 6 months ago

    Ok so it was a friggin' roller-coaster! Ups and downs and my heart cannot take two episodes back to back! Wtf moments and the damned eyes on that nephilim! Oye! Chuck has got some splainin' to do! For cas, mary, and oh yeah Trump! So bring on the scooby snacks! Now I have to go breathe! Sob!

  • Teresa goodspeed - 6 months ago

    i love whiching very episode of supernatural
    on the cw channal ok . oh one more thing
    supernatural is my favorite one t.v show in the would ok

  • Teresa goodspeed - 6 months ago

    i love whiching very episode of supernatural
    on the cw channal ok . oh one more thing
    supernatural is my favorite one t.v show in the would ok

  • Mannolo Sánchez - 6 months ago

    Was Luci's kid Kellan Lutz?

  • Murf - 6 months ago

    It was disappointing.

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