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What should the Celtics do with the No. 1 overall pick?

Posted 6 months.


  • Tigger - 6 months ago

    Fultz is compared to a Harden/Westbrook combo. He'll also be on a cheap conttact. He's the best player to come out since Anthony Davis. You don't trade that (and more) for a 28 year old on a massive deal, or needing one soon.

    You take Fultz. Then you sign Hayward who would be just as good as Butler or George. You add to what you have, not take away from it.

    You could have a current big 3 of Thomas, Horford and Hayward...and a future big 3 of Brown, Fultz and Ayton/Bamba with the 2018 Nets pick. (Or they could package the two 2018 picks to move up for one of those elite centers.)

    This is the smart way to do this for the now, and for the future.

  • Sull - 6 months ago

    Use it on Fultz, sign Hayward to a max deal. Him not being on an All-NBA team makes that more possible.

    Then you don't have to give Isiah Thomas a long max deal in which he will turn 31 in it's first year.

  • Al - 6 months ago

    Easier to pay freeagents than keep lopsided trade we lose amir jonas and at lest two others have room and at least zizak i think his name is comind if you trade #1pick plus jae and smart maybe you are down 6players for george really weaker team than this yr we need keep pick esp if trading Brown fultz are the real future and plenty room for it

  • celtics4ever - 6 months ago

    keep it. George or Butler aint getting you past Lebron and have lost to him countless times. The only person I would trade it for is Drummond and the 12th pick. Fills a need of size and post presence.

  • Badmf - 6 months ago

    They don't benefit as much adding a rookie as they would a vet. But who will be bold to go for the pick?

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