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Do you think Minister Lynne Brown should dissolve the Eskom board following its role in the reinstatement of Brian Molefe as Eskom CEO?

Posted 1 year.


  • william dix - 1 year ago

    I beleive these people are clueless or being led by the nose by outside influences. Theu cant build another nucleur power station - we dont have the money. Delays of PPI on building alternative energy sources and selling electricity to Eskom. Four year delay in construction of Medupi and other power stations - disgraceful. Forward payment to Tegeta for coal R600 million Unforgivable. Also quality of coal purchased sub standard. . Wasteful expenditure on tenderpreneurs. No planning and all re active management . Want 19.9% price hike while the general public attempts to save on consumption but still gets screwed by this SOE.

  • Anthony - 1 year ago

    I think that the minister herself should be removed for incompetence in the handling of the whole ESKOM debacle!

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