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Future Patreon: What you'd like to see?

Posted 6 months.


  • KaiJu - 5 months ago

    Omgosh, sorry we took so long to respond Vera! We wouldn't want to trouble you with a translation. We know it's a ton of work and we wouldn't want it to be a burden. We're just super happy that you thought about it! and it really warms our hearts that you considered it! And yes~ feel free to message us on tumblr any time!

  • Vera - 5 months ago

    Thank you so much for your reply to my comment!
    I have given this some more thought and while I remain convinced that people should read this in English, I also would like to support your work, so I will do the translation if you want it.
    Fair warning: I have never translated a comic before, there are quite a few things I would have to ask you, and the last thing I want is to create more work for you.
    If you are still interested, please give a short reply and I'll contact you on Tumblr. Otherwise I'll just remain a loyal reader :)

  • KaiJu - 5 months ago

    Oh gosh thank you so much for the lovely comment Vera!! We're so so happy you enjoyed Inhabitant and have been enjoying Novae!! We're so honored that you have thought about offering a translation in German! That's so awesome! We're open to translations and we're not that worried about flaws in the translation, but that's a lot of work too! We're just happy you liked it enough to think about it! :D
    We can't wait to reveal more about Sulvain! :D We only wish we could get the pages out faster. XD
    Thank you for being so thoughtful! And we hope you have a wonderful day as well!

  • Vera - 5 months ago

    Thank you so much for this beautiful comic. I read Novae and the prequel a few days ago and was hooked right from the start. Now every new page brings me joy and I really appreciate the hard work you put into this!
    Raziol is so very likeable with his genuine kindness and passion for the stars, and I am very intrigued by Sulvain. So far, I have never encountered a necromancer character who wasn't some kind of villain, but Sulvain seems more like the kind of person I would feel safe with. Definitely looking forward to learning more about him!
    I just really love this comic and felt like telling you. In fact, I love it so much that I thought about offering you a translation into German, but then I thought that recommending this to people as a means to improve their English might be the better choice. Stories like this are always better in the original language (at least in my opinion), and it would be so very sad if some of the magic inherent in yours got lost due to flaws in translation.
    Sorry, I am rambling here. Got carried away trying to find the right words to praise you. Have a very nice day!

  • KaiJu - 5 months ago

    Thanks so much Rachel! We're so happy to know you've been enjoying Novae! We always try to get some rest between chapters, so no worries!

  • Rachel - 5 months ago

    I am really enjoying the comic! I love the art and I hope you all are resting while producing this lovely comic.

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