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What do you think of the Lord John books and stories? (Poll Closed)

  • I love them!
    376 votes

  • I enjoy them, but I prefer to read about Jamie and Claire.
    200 votes

  • I started reading them after seeing what a major role he played in the main OUTLANDER series.
    95 votes

  • I wish Diana would quit writing about him.
    13 votes

  • I haven't read any of them yet, but I'm planning to.
    48 votes

  • I'm not interested in reading about a gay character.
    14 votes

  • I like seeing a different side of 18th century life than we get in the OUTLANDER books.
    30 votes

  • I'm new to OUTLANDER and haven't encountered Lord John yet.
    6 votes

  • I think they're boring.
    17 votes

  • They add a lot of depth to his character.
    69 votes

  • They're an integral part of the overall series.
    85 votes

  • I'm not interested in reading them.
    51 votes

  • Other
    28 votes

Posted 8 months.


  • Kat - 7 months ago

    I tried to read them years ago, but just couldn't get into them. I may try again, though. I do love Lord John in the Outlander books and I could tell when I was reading MOBY that I had missed something by not reading the LJ books.

  • MK - 7 months ago

    I need a vote where I can check all that apply! I like seeing other 18th century life, I started reading bc of how important he is in Outlander, I like the character, BUT I like reading about Jamie and Claire more.

  • Julie Bennett - 7 months ago

    I love Lord John. He is integral to the Jamie and Claire story and it's wonderful that we get to see more of his life and learn more about his character. His stories stand alone as complex mysteries but I love the personal aspects and the way his life always seems to be fraught with danger. He has become my favourite character (even more than J & C) and I hope Diana continues to write more Lord John books ... and, dare I hope for a spin off TV series? Well we can dream!

  • Anne Stebbing - 7 months ago

    Don't kill me, I haven't read Outlander yet, but I read and loved 'Lord John and the Private Matter' and 'Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade'. Lord John is a wonderful character whose story can certainly stand alone, although they did encourage me to get Outlander off my 'to read' pile.

  • Fran Shaw - 7 months ago

    As with all Diana's books, the Lord John Grey books are extraordinary. He is a fascinating character and continues to intrigue in his own right-AND- contribute to the Claire and Jamie story in a profound way. His story is so finely drawn - yet more evidence of Diana's remarkable ability to tell a story. Long may they both continue!

  • Toni Jandron - 7 months ago

    I really want to see him find love. He can't forever be in love with Jamie. I love his character so much and would like to read more about him either in the Outlander novels or his own.

  • Anne Lenton - 7 months ago

    Would like to have chosen more than one option from list - love the Lord John books; even though I managed to read them out of sequence! Kept me going while I await book 9 - think I'm going to have to start series for a third time soon .... ????

  • Susan - 7 months ago

    Exactly what Beverly said!!

  • Grenier - 7 months ago

    Le seul probleme c est de savoir dans quel ordre lire les quatre livres chronologiquement car actuellement il faut aller l'avoir le site de DG pour connaître l ordre de lecture
    Enfin ils ne sont pas disponibles les quatre en France il fait les acheter au Canada librairie au Québec

  • Beverly Meckel - 7 months ago

    I wish we could have marked more than one. I love them, but it is because they are an integral part to the overall series, as are all the novellas. I, however, would read Diana's grocery list, given the chance, simply because it was written by Herself.

  • Eugenia - 7 months ago

    Too bad we can't choose more than one option. I would add at least two more to my first choice which was: "I started reading them after seeing what a major role he played in the main OUTLANDER series." For example, this one: "I like seeing a different side of 18th century life than we get in the OUTLANDER books". And this one, as well: "They add a lot of depth to his character."

  • Sharon Fordham - 7 months ago

    I love ANYTHING Diana writes! She is the best author I've ever read!

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