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Have you found a Dual-Dated £1 Coin?

Posted 2 weeks.


  • Mike - 2 weeks ago

    If Bazza has found 14 of the dual dated coins in a bag of 20 it looks like the normal ones will be the rare ones. Hang onto them they will be worth a Mint lol.

  • Bazza - 3 weeks ago

    In a bag of 20 that l have there are 14 with dual dates, hardly rare if you look for the dual dates

  • Imya cunt - 3 weeks ago

    Local paper confirmed and how you looking at it you need a scope to see it clearly

  • Dick Cash - 3 weeks ago

    I've looked at 50+ £1 coins and none have micro lettering remotely as crisp as the one shown. I think owner of that coin is pulling a fast one and showing an image from a proof 2017 coin and pretending it's a circulated 2016 coin.
    Looking at my circulated £1 coins I could claim to have several that say "2010" and one that says "UUUU" and one that says "JJJJ".... reality is they are just roughly pressed.

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