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Your reaction to the proposal to rename the Philippines: (Poll Closed)

  • Why not?
    164 votes

  • That's ridiculous!
    1,047 votes

  • No reaction.
    51 votes


Posted 7 months.


  • keith lorenzo - 6 months ago

    Correct . It is so ridiculous.! it is only a waste of time. The name Philippines is a perfect prestigious name. There are more important issues of concerned, and not this one. Let us stop all these stupidity in the Philippines.

  • Dylan G Dipasupil - 7 months ago

    Maharlika People's Federal Democratic Socialist Republic. It says it all..

  • Kahol Pimentil - 7 months ago

    Perfect name should be Republic of Dutetard

  • james gas - 7 months ago

    according to history the name of our country was maio mait it was named thru products maid here in our country such as mais, when ferdinand magellan came they named this land to their king named philipp. to rename our country again it should be based on our history and new history.

  • Jon - 7 months ago

    in honor of the moron lawmaker sponsori g this moronic idea

  • WILL Benedict - 7 months ago

    Let it be!

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