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What Kind of Fandom Creation do You Like Most?

Posted 1 year.


  • Winter Shade - 11 months ago


  • AnimeFanLT - 11 months ago

    I'd choose all of the above, because that's how much i love this fandom. ;)

  • TsunamithePony - 11 months ago

    I may or may not be a plushie addict...XD

  • MrOmg - 1 year ago

    U kidding me? It's impossible to choose ;_;

  • Timmy Menard - 1 year ago

    I am happy Sunset Shimmer won the previous poll. It shows that, you don't mess with the Golbez of My Little Pony!

  • Sailor Sedna - 1 year ago

    @Sailor Sedna

    *I love a lot of music like "Run Away" and "Octavia's Overture" or whatever it is.

    Dammit, I can't edit if I screw up. :P

  • Sailor Sedna - 1 year ago

    So, here is my 2¢:

    I chose custom plushies and crafts, as I've seen a lot of cool, creative and cute ones, and I love to collect plushies and wish to make my own or commission my own if I have the money, but I also do love a lot of fan games that were made and have some on my laptop, and animations are hit/miss to me, there are great ones and ones that aren't that great. I love the artworks at times too (minus disgusting fetish ones), and I've got some of my own here, though I doubt anyone's gonna like them:

    I love a lot of music

    The comics unfortunately have been sucking lately, I tend to stay away from reviews. I usually tend to stay away from fanfictions too, as with the exceptions of some like "No Hard Feelings" and "Extended Apologies" they don't seem to accurately capture the spirit of the franchise. I love some great music like "Run Away".

    For depends, unfortunately with anthro MLP pony SFM animations, I've seen mostly less than tasteful animations as most of the time they're never done in an attractive way, wearing bikinis with huge bouncing Masami Obari-like boobs, somepony's butt is hanging out also, if that's all you can put on the models, why not just make a video of them swimming at a beach or a pool? Or why not give them more clothes or something or try to make more clothes? The only one I find acceptable and cool is this one:

    The regular ponies in SFM are fine though.

  • Squeaky_Belle - 1 year ago

    Music gogogo~ Tight competition between drawings an animation at the moment. Let's see if it continues the whole way!

    In other news, Cider Party is back :o

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