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Who is the Best First Lady?

Posted 7 months.


  • Jude - 7 months ago

    And Terry your a frigging idiot! You Terry are what is wrong with America with your racist attitude and BS response. Shame on you!!

  • Gwendolyn - 7 months ago

    Melania wants to be like Michelle. Copying her speeches she can't think or know what to say. Michelle is a natural smart,intelligent just brilliant in every way. We miss you so much Michelle your whole family. As for malania she's probably not legally supposed to be here. Trump is not my president and never will be.

  • love trumps hate - 7 months ago

    Don't you have to be a lady to qualify for best "first lady'?

  • Merry - 7 months ago

    Michelle is Awesome, cares for all our kids health , and food availability, Melania is a dirty skank ho, who cares only about herself and how much money the whitehouse website can make her ! Trumps ho not even close to being good enough to water my dog ! She's illegal, boot her out of USA !

  • Chesnay pascal - 7 months ago

    All over the world Mrs Michelle Obama is loved
    Kisses to alls
    Pascal i from France

  • Terry - 7 months ago

    You've got to be kidding that Moochelle is ahead!!! She is so WHITE RACIST it's pathetic. Can't believe anyone would vote this douche. She has always had a stinking attitude and made no secret that she hates white people. In fact --- both she & the pres were caught attending a church where the minister stated his hatred for all Americans. My what short memories people have when they vote for this poor excuse for a First Lady.

  • Angela - 7 months ago

    Michelle Obama classy

  • Frankie - 7 months ago

    Michelle Obama of course! Hands down!

  • Yeny - 7 months ago

    Of course., Michelle Obama is. 100%. There's no comparison,.. Melania sorry!

  • J S - 7 months ago

    First Lady Obama is educated, wise and compassionate.

  • Jesse - 7 months ago

    Melania is a whore, she married for $ but before she was Mrs Trump, she was a paid escort aka hooker. She's the 1st hooker not the 1st lady. Mrs O was an awesome 1st lady. Melania isn't shit. Her husbands a dumbass n she's a hoe!

  • Honesto Caraos - 7 months ago

    Michelle Obama was not only First Lady, she's Barrack Obama partner in dealing with White House activities, inside and out. She had been her husband's assistant

  • Pat Nehring - 7 months ago

    Mrs Obama is educated brilliant compassionate and wise. Who really knows what Trumps wife is. She may have some hidden talents but will always be overshadowed by the buffoon she married.

  • Jim - 7 months ago

    Melinia wi aways be known for being a porn model and paid escort.

  • Darkwing - 7 months ago

    Neither one, it was Jackie Kennedy.

  • Jerrie - 7 months ago

    Michelle Obama has more class and grace in her baby toe than Melania would ever hope to have. No contest!

  • Antoinette - 7 months ago

    Michelle Obama will always be known as the best First Lady America has ever had!

  • Gerri - 7 months ago

    Michelle Obama is a lady of extreme class and elegance. Melania will always be looked at as a gold digger that posed nude for money. She has no morals or ethics.

  • gianni - 7 months ago

    she is an amazing first lady she is kind always smile

  • Lori - 7 months ago

    Hands down it will always be Michele Obama

  • Connie - 7 months ago

    First Lady Obama will always be the best

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