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Should the tourism slogan 'It's More Fun in the Philippines' be retained? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes.
    704 votes

  • No.
    272 votes

  • Maybe.
    39 votes


Posted 7 months.


  • Jap - 6 months ago

    "It's More Fun in the Philippines" ay ok pa din gamitin atleast di na gastos pa ang DOT para sa campaign add ng milyong piso na buwis ng taong bayan. Ang problem kasi sa Pinas sobrang mahal na mag check-in sa mga hotels compare to Thailand. Kaya ang mga pinoy mas gusto mag punta ng Thailand dahil sobrang mura mag check-in at mag shopping.

  • keith lorenzo - 7 months ago

    For me, the present slogan is OK because it has an aspect definition is more fun in the Philippines because it has many things to offer, it is fun in the Philippines because of its diversified culture, it is fun in the Philippines because the it has beautiful sandy beaches, it is fun in the Philippines to experience the warm hospitality of the Filipino people, etc. I also like the proposed slogan of the new administration but the slogan can either be made as - "It is more fun to experience the Philippines." Regardless of what design of slogan by any new seating administration, Filipinos should refrain from bashing as this would reflect also to us, as a citizen. Any administration has the right to initiate his own way/or style of design thus, Filipinos should stop this bad attitude of bashing as what these other Filipino commentators are doing.

  • Jerico Caparas - 7 months ago

    #BecomingFilipino mas ok...Base kay Kyle 'KULAS' Jennermann' gawan ng idea para lalong mapromote ang Philippines...

  • Manny - 7 months ago

    It's not true anymore.

  • Lamberto Villa - 7 months ago

    The current administration's Tourism Department is quite lazy, actually. It has no creativity to advertise/promote the Philippines. It had to resort to relying on the creative minds of South African advertisers, instead, and using their ideas to promote the Philippines. It also thinks that just because the Philippines hosted the most recent Ms. Universe pageant that it is enough to get more tourists. No. It is not enough. And, with what is happening in Marawi and what has happened at the Resorts World Manila, the Duterte Administration needs to wake up in trying to convince tourists that the Philippines is indeed a place to experience. The Philippines slid down in its ranking in its place in World tourism recently. So, to Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo, get off your butt and do work harder!!!

  • mary - 7 months ago

    wow Philippines is a lot more catchy.

  • Marc - 7 months ago

    It's more catchy and it worked!

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