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Have you tried daith piercing for Migraine?

Posted 7 months.


  • Nikki - 1 month ago

    I was suffering migraines every week (at least 1)and every weekend was starting to get to the point where I dreaded the weekends and it was spoiling plans I Saturday I was despite this..I went and got my right daith was very painful....but...I have to say...(touch wood) sine having it done I have had 1 bad migraine..but was able to manage it with my medication within a few hours...I would recommend anyone that suffers migraines to try a daith piercing..after all...a few minutes pain COULD end the years of pain migraines can cause! ????

  • sean kenny - 3 months ago

    I am 25 i have had migraines daily since i was 12 i heard about this piercing yesterday and was told all about it and said i would give it a try got it done today i will update you all on how it goes! Fingers crossed! :)

  • Vtjohns - 6 months ago

    I had both ears pierced by Shawn (piercingsbyshawn in Bakersfield, CA) June 5, 2016 and I went from 3-4 migraines a WEEK down to 1 (ONE) in a YEAR!!! I learned about migraine relief from daith piercing from my niece, and was willing to try anything. I was in my 2nd day of a migraine and I was at the "I will do anything" for relief, called my niece to get Shawn's phone number(I was not aware Shawn had a Facebook page) made my appointment & my migraine was gone immediately after Shawn had pierced my daith. I chose to have both ears done. I had an extremely stressful day right before my 1 year anniversary of "Daith Piercing and No Migraine" and had 1 (ONE) mild migraine, but I am happy to share with everyone daith piercing is working for me. I have tried EVERY Migraine medicine out on the market as of June 5, 2016 and nothing (ZIP, ZERO, NOTHING) worked. Besides, there are no "side effects" that come with daith piercing. If you don't have any relief after trying this(even applying pressure like an acupuncture Dr would do, just take out whatever you chose to be used, "bar bell, round ring, etc." and the hole will close up. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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