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Will the mainstream media lose its credibility now that CNN is exposed

Posted 1 year.


  • Deb - 1 year ago

    Yes for those who are independent critical thinkers. Tragically we do have a great number of leftist who have surcome to the indoctrination of schools and media.

  • Donna - 1 year ago

    People will keep watching, but most of us have seen the big picture a long time ago. You can't trust the media, the government, or our elected officals, most of the time. It is so sad. We need EVERYONE to register to vote And then VOTE.

  • Mindy Cayea - 1 year ago

    Your the father of the news DML! We love you!????❤️???????? TRUTH????????

  • Victoria Bennett - 1 year ago

    The survey lose out an option; they have already lost credibility. Many don't know of other news outlets/info resources to turn to.

  • Jan Maillaro - 1 year ago

    Besides the MSM rarely has journalists anymore. They are talking heads. No more who, what, where, when, why. Thank you, DML, and please take care of yourself!

  • Jan Maillaro - 1 year ago

    Unfortunately, I think they will go on. They have been dumbing down society for decades. Take simple things: when I was young, they'd interview an actor and give their full body of work. Now it's only their last and maybe one more. You saw it with 9/11. It took less than 6 months for people to 'forget' and go right back to their wretched behaviors. Thank God not in my house. However, attention spans are short and history and traditions are not taught or passed down to new generations. I am pleasantly amazed when I see young people who are bright, polite and respectful, and I'm only 59 years old.

  • Jeff Lane - 1 year ago

    Originally, uncertain. Then, considered that, since there's a segment of the population that dines exclusively on being spoon fed, there'll be an opportunity for nanny-news. As DML observes, repeated "talk" becomes the narrative; not news! Start a story; pound the airwaves with it. People conditioned to gobbling up traditional news outlet "news", consume it as gospel. They perpetuate the "news". Their friends do the same. Suddenly, a dossier from an anonymous source, close to a high ranking government official, causes these water cooler news pass-er-on-ers to conflat issues and demand that their representatives form a commission to investigate lord knows what! So, yea, gotta' go with the DML truth, people so dumb, CNN will be the next Phoenix.

  • Janice Hatton - 1 year ago

    I would hope people wake up to the agenda being pushed. I continue to believe part of the agenda is sickening people. GMO, VACCINES and GEOENGINNERING. People are not capable of rational thought.

  • Alyce Larson - 1 year ago

    Correction: *comminent to change, and actually report honestly, citing sources...

  • Ellen Foust - 1 year ago

    Not voting because there aren't enough choices. My answer - yes, the media will (continue) to lose credibility, but yes, people will continue to watch it.

  • Alyce Larson - 1 year ago

    For me, the MSM have lost their relevance. They used to police each other and themselves, but they no longer do. I can't even watch them without feeling disgusted. If they don't make some changes and commitments to vibrato and actually reporting days AND sources, they are done, dead to me.

  • Frank - 1 year ago

    I believe the American public already disregards most of what the media says right now. The recent elections in the south east states is an indicator I believe.

  • Madlyn - 1 year ago

    No, MSM will continue as before. Evidently 'credibility' has nothing to do with it. Don't forget, people read The National Enquirer and 'swear IT is the gospel truth'

  • Kat - 1 year ago

    I lost confidence in MSM a long time ago. They shot their credibility in the foot pushing their own narratives.

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