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With principle court challenges failed, assuming the December enforcement date remains, what's your most likely move ahead of the ELD mandate?

Posted 4 months.


  • Sam D - 3 months ago

    Those of you who want E logs should use those that don't shouldn't. Fact every one sleeping patterns are not the same. This puts more stress on the driver because now your watching the clock instead of the road.It should be a choice not a mandate modeled after an inaccurate and incomplete study. Write, call,Email your elected officials let them know that if they support this mandate you your family and friends cannot support them for reelection.

  • Shaun S. - 3 months ago

    First off let me say I agree ELD'S should NOT be pushed on us. Now every one is complaining that a eld will force you to run your truck tired or unsafe. That eld can't start your truck, drive your truck you as the driver or owner is the only one that can make that decision. If you really think about it if you follow the hos that we have in place 100% legally on paper you would be in the same boat as with a eld. That means logging as you do it NOT backing up your book, making a day disappear or a load disappear. Actually logging is to the tee.

  • Harley Waters - 3 months ago

    How about just letting us run 24/7 with any sleeperberth combination. For godsake,we are all big boys and girls. this way most of us will probably run slower and be able to save fuel. otherwise when its 65 mph or higher we will be mashing the fuel trying to get there so we can get a 34 hr restart. I hate being someplace I don't want to be when I'm loaded and can't move. When I get to my domicil I'm taking time off when I have Hours to run. Besides currently I can drive everyday now for 8.75 hrs, so what is the difference if I drive 8.75 hrs or eleven. I don't understand. Maybe it's time for a national strike for about 2weeks just Before Thanksgiving. you think that might finally get some attention when the can' get their holiday trimmings.

  • Dane Rheinschmidt - 3 months ago

    The lawmakers say 26 lives will be saved every year with the implementation of ELDs. Every day I see countless ELD trucks taking their 30 minute break on the shoulder of Interstates. I've lost count of how many fatal accidents I've seen with cars, pickups, vans run up under the back end of such parked trucks. Explain that to the greiving survivors.

  • Travis crouch - 3 months ago

    I'll run paper till foriced to go to ELD's we need split sleeperbirth and revisions made ELD's are not the answer to keeping the roads safe I've been Trucking since 1986 and this is the worst thing I've seen pushed on us. If the mega carriers want to run them that's fine I still stand on it's not safe to push drivers through the 14 hr day. Just taking in to concideration the weather issue if the weather gets bad we stop let it clear them continue on ELD's push drivers to take risk by not stoping for weather or if they are fatigued and need a couple hour nap just two points of many

  • Eugene Groby - 3 months ago

    ELD? What a joke, I don't see airline pilots have ELD installed in airplanes or the FAA scrutinize the logbooks of pilots. Senators and congressmen have no idea what it takes to drive a semi truck, deliver at all hours of the day or drive in congested traffic. They are sitting in limousines with a driver that us taxpayers pay for. It is time to retire from trucking, the joy of driving is a chore and a migraine headache all in one.

  • John Cahill - 3 months ago

    I've been driving 30 years. ELDs don't bother me. I've run them before I just prefer paper. I don't run illegal, I'm a safe driver. I've figured I lose just about 20 hours a week waiting to get loaded or unloaded. That means on a 70 hour work week that I'm away from my home supporting the rest of the country I'm only able to work 50 hours a week. I'm losing 20 hours a week of pay I need to support my family.ELDs are not for every situation. It's not a fix all. It's not safety. Before making a law should all the rules of the law be set first. How can ELDs be made mandatory and the DOT hasn't even said what operating systems for ELDs they're going to except. So if I buy an ELD for my truck who's to say in a year or 2 DOT is not going to say the ELD I purchased is not not certified and I have to go buy another one to be legal. Who's going to cover the expense. I can't. I've already lost 20 hours of pay.

  • Bill Yeutter - 3 months ago

    Once again we have allowed government overreach into our lives. We have forgotten our roots and our rights. We don't answer to them they are our employees! Everyone just rolls over and says "what can we do about it?" Well how about a nationwide shutdown for as long as it takes! People will whine, "I can't do that I have bills to pay, well your ability to run your business and make a profit is going to become impossible. A 30 year veteran ran with elog for a trucking magazine to see if it would work, after the trial he said he would quit and go work in a hog barn! Not every type of trucking job is the same. This isn't a cookie cutter industry. My business entails an intense 6 to8 months of running and then it ends. The customers I haul for don't give a damn about 11/14 rules, they need there product on hand or they are done! And where I go and what I do most truckers want no part of it, " you load and unload all hours of the day or night, crawling ladders in all weather conditions and if it snows you chain up and go even if it means they hook onto your rig and drag you in fully loaded. I may have a 400 mile round trip but the last 10 to 20 miles to delivery and then back out may take 4 hours not counting the time to unload.

  • Terry - 3 months ago

    I have a 99 KW so I gonna go paper logs for 2 more .years then retire from drIving after 30 yrs.. I'm done gonna turn my truck in my rv. Pull the fifth wheel install a jacuzzi.. along with my Harley... I can't deal with new breed so called drivers.. the cops are worse now than ever.. the truck stops are not truck stopa there get fuel and leave places, can't get a good meal all u have is fast fpod crap.... they cater to 4 wheelers they don't care about truckers, the brokers are worse today more than ever... the elds aren't about safety it's intended purpose was to put more drivers out of work but is the exact opposite it's gonna put more trucks and need breed drivers on the road in turn more congestion. And more wrecks... the medical stuff is way outta control and I see it getting worse... I'm just sick and tired of all this crap... I use to make 150k plus in a year and the last 4 ibe barley made 50k.. and that's pathetic.... when other make more way more.... I just can't do it no more.. I watched my credit go down. Cause I dont get paid when I should ..... every one wants sone thing from me at every turn and I suffer , so im.just done and over it all.. did I say 3mil miles, no accidents, and only 2 tickets... so bye yaw !!!!!!!!

  • Raymond Joseph Miller III - 3 months ago

    i agree this is only about how much can others make off of trucks, safety went out the door long time ago, no one knows better than the DRIVER his fatigue level, sleep habits, and daily regimine of life, how is it cops can work doubles, side jobs, and the like and yet ,THEY are "fit" to work the regular job with NO MANDATED REST?...they MAKE life and death decisions alot more often that truck drivers do, if you dont count the scores of idiot 4 wheeler drivers out there who try REAL hard to committ suicide by truck everyday, regular working class people get to work overtime to improve their and their family lives, truckers are kept at a standstill for lifestyle you can only work this long....its time to regulate the brokerages, and the shippers n recievers for all the lost man hours they cause....leaving the truck driver to pay the price for their ineptitude..i personally am sick and tired of renewing my plates and finding listed in the registration fees, idling fee, car seat program fee what the hell does a truck have to do with a car seat program? another means of ripping off owner operators, another thing self insured entities like swift, or england or jb hunt how is it i have to pay a premium for insurance and they get away with that crap....... time for overthrow of regulations......i say get a rope.

  • Dane Rheinschmidt - 3 months ago

    I saw a billboard today that said 6,000,000 people died from cigarette smoke. Too much money to be made in tobacco. Then I was passed by a motorcyclist on I65 in southern Indiana (heavy traffic), no helmet. Death by head injury is a personal choice I reckon. And then how many people die in SUV, passenger van and pickup trucks due to no rollover or side impact protection. I guess there is too much money to be made not installing personal protection in those vehicles. How many millions, billions will it cost us truckers to install ELDs for a supposed 26 lives saved? It's not about safety. It's about everyone else making lots of money off trucks.

  • Dale Radcliff - 3 months ago

    Nothing but communists running this country. What the hell happened to freedom. We have none. ELD will not solve anything. Werner started this damn crap. I hope they go bankrupt. We have nothing but a stupid ass government. Organized crime is all the government amounts to. Bunch of retards.

  • Randy Zink - 3 months ago

    If u want elogs fine and if you don't then you should not be mandated to have them. Simple. But power and greed are in the way

  • James McKinnie - 3 months ago

    All these educated idiotes that we've got making all these dumb ass rules evidently can't even add and subtract,unless they've got a calculator. Every log book I've seen in last 44 yrs. has a recap page,all you have to do is recap your hours every day , add and subtract and your hours of service problem is solved. Damn that was complicated.

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