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Which is your favorite animal from Diana Gabaldon's books? (Poll Closed)

  • Rollo
    694 votes

  • Adso
    146 votes

  • The White Sow
    90 votes

  • Gideon
    7 votes

  • Bouton
    90 votes

  • Clarence, the mule
    146 votes

  • Donas
    45 votes

  • Lucas, the Friesian stallion
    9 votes

  • Hiram, the goat
    5 votes

  • Ping An, the pelican
    7 votes

  • I'm new to OUTLANDER and haven't encountered any of these animals yet.
    2 votes

  • Other
    15 votes

Posted 4 months.


  • Vera - 3 months ago

    What a tough choice! I love all the critter companions, but Adso and Rollo live in my heart. I'll go with Claire's reaction at seeing Adso after the long separation from life on the Ridge. Both usually practice such matter-of-fact, get-on-with-it attitudes, but cats are subtle creatures, and so are matters of the heart. I first came across "Pangur Bán" as one of Barber's Hermit Songs, and it has stayed with me. Yup, he got it right.

  • June Stevenson - 3 months ago

    Love Rollo and Clarence too, but I'm a cat person!

  • Elizabeth - 3 months ago

    So hard to choose!! Went with Clarence but I cred when Rollover died, I so saw Hiram and his mehhh, the white sow was such a great beast! Also was such a healing character, Diana's ability to write these characters is such a joy to read❤️❤️❤️

  • Wanda Steffanson - 3 months ago

    I love so many of these: Rollo, Adso, the White Sow, Bouton & Clarence in particular. I finally decided to vote for Rollo... I love his fierce loyalty to Young Ian...and I cried when he died.

  • Nancy Skellenger - 3 months ago

    Rollo. question! Always felt he was an animal version of Jamie. Always protective, loving & there when you needed him! Love, love, love Rollo! ❤

  • Donna Williams - 3 months ago

    I chose always welcoming and friendly Clarence.

  • Tammy Spencer - 3 months ago

    I wavered between Rollo & Bouton. Rollo won my vote, but Bouton really shares it w/ him - they're both faithful, smart, and loyal ????

  • Elizabeth Simpson - 3 months ago

    Had to check the Outlandish Companion as I didn't remember Gideon. Vol I lists Gideon as Simon Fraser's secretary! I know he might have treated the poor man like a dog, but surely that didn't qualify the man as such! Fortunately Vol II refreshed my memory that Gideon was Jamie's horse in NC, like Donas, but with a worse temper.

  • Laura Goble - 3 months ago

    I also wavered between Rollo and the White Sow but chose faithful friend over the frustrating female...and she was every bit of that.

  • Patricia Sosenko - 3 months ago

    Just LOVE all Diana's books. Thank you for these treasures

  • Jo Anne Hissem - 3 months ago

    Great choices. Almost chose the white sow, since she protected the gold.

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