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Should those who fail to sing national anthem with 'fervor' be penalized? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes.
    182 votes

  • No.
    639 votes

  • Maybe.
    38 votes


Posted 4 months.


  • keith lorenzo - 3 months ago

    This matter should not be made a big issue. We just inculcate and instill to our citizentry, the importance of singing the national anthem by stressing the love of country why we need to sing it with fervor. Penalizing those who fail to sing it with strong feeling of excitement and excitement is nothing but a mere thinking of no consequences.

  • Teresa Sandoval - 3 months ago

    The term "fervor" needs to be qualified. Honoring and showing respect in singing the National Anthem is the point, I believe. With fervor is ideal but not everyone who respects the National Anthem may not necessarily appear to be singing "with fervor".

  • Gwen Samonte - 3 months ago

    If one cannot sing the National Anthem with fervor, it is the fault of the educators, media, the government for not inculcating the nationalistic value. Slapping with a fine is stupid. Even many Americans cannot sing Star Spangled Banner properly and what year they obtained independence and they are not being penalized. Instead, our lawmakers should pass a law where the result is to be able to sing the National Anthem very well plus a law where lawmakers who cannot think of other things to do except pass a law penalizing every act they could think of or tax every item that the poor purchase should be forced to step down or declared stupid.

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