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Beautiful People We’ve Come To Respect Death Match: (Poll Closed)

  • Charlize Theron

  • Keanu Reeves

Posted 12 months.


  • Michael Locher - 11 months ago

    I love you guys, and I adore the Filmspotting community, so forgive me for saying this - but isn't this a solid example of the crazily disproportionate standards we casually apply to women? I know it's just a goofy deathmatch poll, but let's be frank for a minute: we're pitting a woman who owns an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a SAG Award, a Silver Bear, a Spirit Award, and countless nominations against an actor with seven Razzie noms whose most memorable quote is "WOAH," and pretending it's a horse race.

    I like Keanu. Keanu is cool.

    This poll? Less cool.

  • Chris, TN - 11 months ago

    You guys have seen Charlize's latest film choices sans the post apocalyptic truck chase movie right?

  • Paul Foster - 11 months ago

    As much as I love Charlize, I'm going to have to go with Keanu. During your last episode you mentioned some of his varied roles and big hits, but I'd like to give a shout out to the documentary Side by Side, it's a pretty interesting doc where he interviews the biggest directors around and gets their opinions on digital vs celluloid. It's also worth watching for the various forms his hair takes on during the interviews.

  • It's funny but I never considered Keanu Reeves a beautiful person, so in one sense, this is a pretty easy choice. I don't know, Bill and Ted were just these goofballs. I didn't see Keanu as anything else until he showed up in Speed because I didn't see things like Point Break growing up (I also did not recognize him in Parenthood until I watched again years later and the less said about him Much Ado About Nothing the better). I didn't take Reeves seriously at all until A Scanner Darkly (I didn't see My Own Private Idaho until the show re-visited it). Between Scanner, John Wick, and The Neon Demon, I know he is capable of great work (looking forward to The Bad Batch, tho), and I do respect him but his regular movie choices are not terribly inspiring, so that respect is tempered.

    Charlize Theron, on the other hand, I didn't begin to respect until Monster, like so many people and that felt so much like a stunt and a one off. The Italian Job and genre pieces like Head in the Clouds seemed like her lane, especially after Aeon Flux failed so hard (sadly). But what set her firmly in my head as an actor I respect was Arrested Development when she played the child trapped in a woman's body. It's such a gently hilarious performance and completely different than anything I had seen her do. And after that, I just trusted that whatever else, a movie with Charlize Theron was going to have at least one good performance in it. After Mad Max, I actually get excited when I see Theron attached, because now I know that might get a great one.

  • Zef Wagner - 11 months ago

    I liked the way you guys put it on the show, that Charlize Theron has more potential for more great performances, whereas Keanu Reeves surely has his best work behind him. John Wick felt a bit like his last hurrah as an action star, and it's hard to imagine him as an elder statesman type actor.

  • Emily Anderson - 11 months ago

    I have ALWAYS loved Charlize Theron in every performance I've seen of hers (including but not limited the terrible, terrible, Mighty Joe Young). She never lost my respect, so it's hard to "come to respect" her again.

    The same cannot be said for Keanu...

    His Keanaissance of the last 4-ish years is as unexpected as it is delightful which is why he is getting my vote.

  • Jack Song - 11 months ago

    Even though Charlize Theron is the better actress, I'll have to go with Keanu in this death match. Since seeing Charlize Theron has always been giving respectable and usual phenomenal performances that delivers, no matter the genre. Keanu Reeves I've dislike even in movies I love like "The Matrix" and "Speed" due to his one note performance. Yet in the John Wick era with supporting roles like in "The neon demon", he surprises me as being well utilized in the right roles. Keanu Reeves is the wild card I want to see more. Reeve's career is a rollercoaster, while Theron's is a flat highway. Remember "it's beautiful people we've come to respect", not "always respected."

  • Tom Morris - 11 months ago

    A battle of victims of THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE! Since Charlize was the better actor and tormented in that movie I have to give it to her. Her Southern accent was believable. Keanu's was part Scarlett Ohara and part Karl from Sling Blade. 'Ah alwaays Wen'!

    You need to do a sacred cow of Devil's Advocate!

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