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Which industry awards do you find meaningful? (multiple choices are OK)

Posted 6 days.


  • Dewey, Cheatham & Howe - 3 days ago

    Most Wired is an on-line form. Completing the form is labor intensive but not difficult or vetted. If people can (and do) lie about their MU attestations then what do you think you are getting with Most Wired? KLAS has skilled interviewers and they try to remove bias, but it is easily gamed. HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6 uses same methodology as Most Wired - little to no validation. HIMSS Stage 7 is different because it requires a site visit by experienced surveyors. HIMSS Davies requires a write-up with validation. AS for the rest, I assume they are conducted with little or no pre-survey modeling of measurement criteria, or post survey review of bias.

  • yaron derman - 4 days ago

    thanks for running these polls. I'm sure you've caught this but the survey results percentages are assuming that only one option can be selected, so the subtotal for each award is the numerator over the total number of votes. Since you allow multiple selections per voter, this will result in over 100%

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