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Will you enter the TARDIS with Jodie Whittaker?

Posted 1 week.


  • Jo Shmo - yesterday

    I don't think this was a smart idea personally. Sure they may get new viewers, but they will lose some old viewers as well. I love the show but this choice is, in my opinion, weird. But that's my opinion. I realize others will disagree and that's ok.

  • mem - 5 days ago

    Um yeah... they just very effectivly ended the longest running tv show. Doctor Who has just been raped. The BCC has raped Doctor Who.

  • Joan Kelley - 1 week ago

    I loved the Master as Missy, so why not.

  • Andrew - 1 week ago

    I, for one, would love to see Hulk Hogan as Peter Pan and Shaq as George Washington. WOULD LOVE THAT. Doctor is a title, not a gender... I’ll watch and see how she does before I lay down any criticism.

  • Steve Lunky - 1 week ago

    Rename the show: Dr. What! A terrible decision ignoring the basic personality traits of the character. It's as if casting Hulk Hogan as Peter Pan or Shaq O'Neil as George Washington. I have watched the show enthusiasticaly from the beginning and I am now done with it. This is the show's "crack management team" saying, "Let's do something controversial to get new viewers!" My disgust is not an anti-woman feeling but rather anti-sellout.

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