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What Are You Most Excited For with the MLP Movie?

Posted 9 months.


  • Gallen_Dugall - 8 months ago

    I accidentally voted "other" because I thought it said "otter"

  • sam - 9 months ago

    most excited to see Rainbow Dash's beautiful body on the BIG SCREEN!!

  • don - 9 months ago

    The swimming Pie commercial ? When Rarity had her shell fan dance interrupted ? did you see the little sea pony ahead of puffer Spike? Had Raritys colors and puffer Spikes tail..... O.O Holy spawning puffers Bat Man!

  • Kibate - 9 months ago

    Hahaha, the big name actor thing is the least one, and the story the most popular one. You didn't disappoint me fandom.

  • Joshua Moudy - 9 months ago

    My choice was the animation/character design, but yeah, I think the story's gotten me excited too.

  • HalflingPony - 9 months ago

    "New Big Name Actors"? Who? I don't mean to diss on any of the people working on this movie and a couple of them have certainly been involved in some projects with decent name recognition. But unless I'm missing something, the actors themselves certainly don't have the household-name status of, for example, the all-star cast of the 1986 MLP movie.

  • Wisteria star - 9 months ago

    Honestly as a collector I'm most excited about the new toys. I'm super excited to get the pretty seapony brushables and the guardians of harmony rainbow zeppelin

  • Moonlight Tome - 9 months ago

    I agree with Starry Wisp here, I'm excited about everything.

  • Starry Wisp - 9 months ago

    Other: EVERYTHING!!

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