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How would you rate Trump after 6 months?

Posted 4 months.


  • Sandra Dillon - 4 months ago

    I love our POTUS but he could do much more if Rep would do their jobs. Term Limits PLEASE!!!! I say it is time to put in some new Rep blood! Out with the old and in with the American loving Patriots! The ones one have now hurt more than they help! Eight years they said we can repeal and replace Obama Care well they are do NOTHINGS! Lets get some people in office that will help our POTUS and watch his six! These people are to busy stabbing POTUS in the back they are worthless!

  • Cynthia - 4 months ago

    I think President Trump ia doing a great job. Just imagine what he could really accomplish without all the opposition he faces. With the anti America and hating what we once stood for. A whole lot of BS has been going on and not the truth!!!

  • Mark Allen Evans - 4 months ago

    He has stood against resistance and blockage from the opposition like never before in our history. He keeps moving forward and he can't be stopped. He has all the right people backing him and will do it again in 2020. We want to help save our country and with President Trump and Vice President Pence. We will be on track for the next 20 to 30 years. By then every American will be behind the new world order led by the most powerful republic in the history of mankind. Live and prosper. You really don't have a choice.

  • Phyllis Livingston - 4 months ago

    I think he's doing a fantastic job. Can you imagine what he could get accomplished without all of the opposition he faces from both sides of the aisle and his full cabinet in place? The RINO Republicans are now put on notice. We the people are watching, and we see exactly what they are doing! Prioritize voter fraud now, ..., and we the people will take care of them at Election time!

  • Judy Flannery - 4 months ago

    Doing the best he can since he can t even get his cabinet voted in sad. Democrats try to stahl.

  • Debbie Cobb - 4 months ago

    I am impressed with our president, with all the crap and negativity he has to put up with he is still holding his head high. Be proud Mr President we the people knew what we were doing voting you in as the people's president. God Bless you sir and keep up the good work. Thank you

  • Stephanie Boggs-Jiannone - 4 months ago

    I love him!!!!!
    I do sometimes cringe when he puts off a tit for tat tweet. I also do understand why.
    I believe he's the only one for the love of this country who can take this beating the left is dishing out and still stand strong!
    We support you President Donald J Trump!

  • Mary Tarara - 4 months ago

    I voted good because he has not eliminated DACA and seems to be waffling on it. I don't care about his tweets. I am sick to death of the Russian witch hunt and all the obstruction from Democrats and Rinos alike.

    I would like to see him push e-verify and end Obama's illegal DACA program. Then I would vote Great!!

  • Candace Powell - 4 months ago

    I voted for President Trump. In the short time in office he's been great! If the Dems, lefts, and witch hunts would leave him alone, it would be amazing what he can do for our country. On another note, I would like to see President Trump dump his Tweeter account because of the unnecessary comments he tweets. I even say to myself at times, why did he tweet that? I voted for him and yet sometimes I become discouraged with things he says. Sometimes less said is better. Thank you for your time.

  • Michele Higgins - 4 months ago

    I put great! I voted for President Trump because he's extremely intelligent, hates politics, hates dishonesty and gets things done! If the Dems weren't such sore cry babies, his agenda would be moving along just fine! It's literally so obvious what they're doing, hence Presidents Twitter usage. BRILLIANT again! He says it like it is, from his mouth to our ears.He loves America and is fighting for the future of his children and grandchildren! ❤️

  • JLW - 4 months ago

    I voted Good because he has NOT gotten rid of the Obama leftovers and does not have his OWN dedicated Staff!! I feel they are a Huge problem with negativity and Leaks!! He needs to get on the GOP and either they get behind him or Resign!! We do not Trust Ryan, Graham, and he should reconsider having Ivanka and Jarrod. More problems being caused than it is worth!
    Get more laws put into place concerning IMMIGRATION and the Schools teaching our Children Islam! Religion is not to be taught in public schools anyway, Stop teaching children that our Flag is a sign of Oppression and stop pushing Socialism! An equal balance in Schools of teachers being Conservative and Liberal. Not all Liberal (DeYos make it into law) These people either assimilate or get out. They are Not going to have separate communities that threaten the Police and anyone who comes near!! They cannot just take over a town! That is setting us up to have them take over more and more and more Towns and next thing you know...We are Germany and Sweden!! All Immigrants either Love America, get Citizenship, and learn English like the Immigration Laws "Require" or do NOT come here!! Stress these Laws!!!

  • Sharon - 4 months ago

    I voted good. I am concerned he is beginning to waffle on climate change and some of his immigration promises. I also don't appreciate that our military is now going to have to budget for transgender operations. His tweets are improving, though still contain an element of personal attacks. A sudden decisive move on E-verify would help put Russia to a lesser forefront! That being said, I know you are working hard and having to overcome a lot, Mr. President, and I do appreciate you very much! Keep seeking God through Jesus Christ's reconciliation between God and man. God has much wisdom available for you! Stand on the Bible for the solid Rock of His ways, and don't worry about the way polls. He will take care of everything else for you. Don't try to hear every voice of man...just listen to His!

    Thank you, Mr President. And thank you, DML! (That advice applies to you too, Sir ;)

  • Jim - 4 months ago

    The President is making amazing progress despite all the advisories he is facing. He deserves a "great" for his perseverance and ability to stand up against such overwhelming odds. As long as the President doesn't throw his hands up in disgust (I don't think he will), things will eventually get done. We must continue to pray for the President and his staff. And communicate to our legislators that we want them to support the Presidents agenda.

  • Teri - 4 months ago

    I think he is doing a great job. He is trying to make America great again but there is so much opposition how the hell is he supposed to do anything.I wish that Obama would back off like your supposed to do when your time as president is through and everyone would just let him do his job. Let's see everything he can and will do without all the crap from Dems!!!!!

  • robert v. costa jr - 4 months ago

    i voted fair also leaning towards great, like you said Dennis we our a society that wants things right away it has been only 6 months he has gotten more done than obama in 8 years .lets give him at least a year, remember a lot is being held up because of other department senate congress media not helping liberal agenda, let things run there course i/e let obama care implode.

  • Kathy Paul - 4 months ago

    Love My President!

  • Dee Wicks - 4 months ago

    Aside from some of his childish personal tweets, I think that the POTUS is doing an incredible job. I'm impressed that he's doing his best to keep his campaign promises & he's forging a path to regain so many of our losses from the obama administration. I have every confidence in his abilities & sleep better at night knowing that he's at the helm of our great nation...keeping us safe & our economy prospering. His travel expenses are all worthwhile because he's forging friendships with our allies, opening dialogue with foes & making a huge difference in how the rest of the world perceives the USA & our strength!! The First Lady is representing the USA with pride & elegance. The entire Trump family & administration are doing their best to endure the ravages of the FAKE NEWS by the MSM, as well as the obstruction by the liberal left and some of the scorned Republican rivals. TRUMP WILL PREVAIL!! He's a dedicated President who will SUCCEED!! I feel blessed to witness his greatness in my lifetime.

  • Sue Benner - 4 months ago

    President Trump is doing
    A GREAT job....more people
    Would feel this way if the MSM and democrats stopped their interference

  • Richard - 4 months ago

    I have voted Republican the last 3 elections, all because the democratic candidates were a joke(as was the result). Only thru the Grace of God did we not end up with what would have been the total destruction of our United States of America (hrc). The democratic and many of the GOP are detrimental to the continuation of our way of life. President Trump would be much more effective, not having to deal with, to put it graciously, constant interference from them. DML, I believe that you and President Trump are "A Gift from God" to We the People, and He will see you both through... Prayers to you both????

  • Scott - 4 months ago

    Would have rated great, but wondering why some people aren't in prison or death penalty for their crimes (Hillary & company)

  • Joseph - 4 months ago

    I picked good. If he didn't have this Russia drama and a unified Republican party he would be great.

  • Karen Moore - 4 months ago

    If congress would quit giving him a hard time and just work with him, he could get things done. All the GOP and Dems care about are thereselves. Why can't we have the same healthcare congress and the senate has? There no better than we are.

  • Lyn ONeal - 4 months ago

    Personal Feedback: I appreciate some of his tweets, but he is his own worst enemy when his tweets send a childish and personal attack on people. I would like to see him discontinue tweeting all together and not give the media even more bait.

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