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Which career would you want?

Posted 3 months.


  • Rik Franke - 3 months ago

    Has to be Usain Bolt 41 steps and 9.6 seconds to win every time in 100 meters. Greatness with far less work.

  • Jeff Young - 3 months ago

    Federer all the way. Dan picks Michael Phelps? LOL! Far too myopically jingoistic of a move by Dan there. I love Phelps but he doesn't have the endorsements, nor notoriety on a world-wide level; nor will he be regarded world wide as one of the great athletes - and his sport is swimming which is only thought about for 2 weeks every 4 years. At least in Tennis it has popularity every year - and a much longer tradition. Just compare the notoriety of the likes of Connors, McEnroe, Agassi, and Sampras (even though Pete stays very private).

    Federer is a much bigger athlete on a world level. On a personal level, you can't beat his life. And, he'll have more majors, surprisingly, than Tiger. I think about 5-6 years ago most would have argued for Tiger because he can compete well into his 40's.

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