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Poll: Do you agree with Judge Bolton's decision to convict Joe Arpaio of criminal contempt of court?

Posted 4 months.


  • Joseph Tannenbaum - 3 months ago

    Joe was doing what he was voted in to do. If that federal judge had a family member hurt because of an illegal, he would not have issued his command.

  • Rene Krenz - 3 months ago

    He shouldn't be guilty or go to jail! If they're coming over here illegally They should be persecuted.. uts the law!! Why should the government be able to say when and when not to follow the rules,,,, oh! Now it's ok for them to come here illegally! The government is screwed up!! That's like saying, ok, for now if someone robs a bank, you can't arrest them , until further notice!! Thus government sucks!! I'm embarrassed for how crooked they are, and how stupid the American people are! The only ones voting for this are illegals or relatives of an illegal that was sent back or jailed! What is so hard about coming to America legally? It would be different if they really came here to work, but 70 % come here for handouts,,,food stamps, health care(ACCS) housing, Hispanic women can get business loans and not have to pay back! Most Americans can't even get health care! Watch the news sometime... see how many illegals are committing rapes and robberies ever night!!!! Yeah! Keep em coming!!!

  • Wally T - 3 months ago

    No one complained and voted him into office numerous times overwhelmany yet all of a sudden it's 70 to 40 to throw this good man in jail. Maricopa County people are spoiled, disloyal people. Why did you all vote him into office that many times. If he is bad now he was bad then.

  • firstamendment - 3 months ago

    If he was violating people's constitutional rights, then the remedy was neither by injunction or by contempt. The remedy was under 18 USC 241/242, and because there was an adequate remedy at law the courts of chancery (injunctions and violations thereof) never had jurisdiction over the defendant nor the ability to deprive him of his jury trial rights. This was pure scheming by an overzealous prosecutor and a corrupt judge who had too weak of a case against him to pursue the only legal remedies the congress authorized them to; they chose instead to send their targeted individual to prison in violation of his jury trial and due process rights. Sure Joe was a bad guy but was a local threat, but we need to be on greater alert for judges, police officers, and prosecutors who knowingly and willingly violate the constitution all across the country. The dangers of the starchamber has returned and there are nightmares going on all across the country due to the liberal turds on the bench who would think nothing about having us locked up years without a bond for expressing constitutionally protected ideas. We as a nation are in great danger from these courts of equity.

  • Mike Larsen - 3 months ago

    Sad that Sheriff Joe was found guilty.

  • Alfredo Alegria - 3 months ago

    Well this guy was doing something not right,so I believe in the American justice If they declared him guilty is because he did not obey the rules ,he needs to be punished as a any other person would be declared. Finally he will pay for what he did to those that were not criminals and were looking for a better life in this beautiful nation,God bless America.

  • Brad Zuehlke - 3 months ago

    Guilty, should serve time in jail, do the crime serve the time and have to pay back the millions of dollars to the tax payers

  • Brad Zuehlke - 3 months ago

    Guilty, should serve time in jail, do the crime serve the time and have to pay back the millions of dollars in the tax payers

  • John Smith - 3 months ago

    I love this so much. How great is it that this guy who enthusiastically enforced unconstitutional laws and violated the rights of citizens, forcing them at gun point into a corrupt and dysfunctional justice system now gets a taste of what he's been serving everyone else.

  • Tracy - 3 months ago

    Joe was doing his job. If it were anything other than illegal immigration, yes it would be considered bigotry. However, it was about illegal immigration and it is unlikely that he or any other law enforcement officer would target any other race than the Mexican race. They are the ones that are entering Az illegally. That is the law and it was his job to enforce it. When he did, heso the one breaking the law? The only people that got offensive were the illegal immigrants and with that, those legally here stood up for family. How do you tell law enforcement not to enforce illegal immigration because it'll offend them? He did his job. Try supporting him and stand with him on his enforcement of the law. That's the worse decision a judge could make, to find him guilty of enforcing the law. Profiling he did to weed out the illegals. Last I knew, it isn't an African American or a Caucasian breaking the law of illegal immigration, so why would he include these 2 races in his enforcement of this specific law?

  • Mary - 3 months ago

    Terrible injustice for someone just doing his job and caring for the Arizonans and America. Glad I moved out of state. Hope President Trump pardons him.

  • Robert Wise - 3 months ago

    Hope Trump helps him out , and all the worst things for that judge

  • N - 3 months ago

    The trial was a pig circus, he never had a chance (quote from Bob Dylan, Hurricane, c. 1970)

  • AHD20422566 - 3 months ago

    I did not vote because I do not understand the pole question. Are you asking do I agree with the verdict? Or, are you asking do I agree with the decision that the case should go forward despite the statute of limitations? Or, are you asking about the decision that his case should not be heard by a jury, but rather by a judge? Without a little more clarity regarding the question, I have no answer.

  • Beverly Spare - 3 months ago

    Joe is the only official, out of all the cry babies in AZ government, that has done something about the illegals in our state...the rest hynhaw around, trying different routes of legislation to come to a goal that would match Joe's way of handling illegal immegrents...let alone having the people trying to get into our state in box trucks and dying....reinstate Joe and his team...they enforced the law you people made...let him just do it.....

  • Sinda Smith - 3 months ago

    I am very pleased to see him finally recognized for who he is; reckless, bigoted and believing he is above the law. Hopefully, his sentence will reflect that.

  • Gail Komasa - 3 months ago

    I hope Trump pardons him. Arpaio was only following federal law!

  • Amy - 3 months ago

    Glad I'll be moving out of Arizona because the crime rate is going to continue to get worse since Sheriff Joe is not in charge. Hopefully they all will end up out of office also and be affected by the increase in crime.

  • Christine Cochran - 3 months ago

    Joe a was doing his job even the other police officers didn't. I think tramp was behind all of this.

  • Al Meinz - 3 months ago

    Yup Guilty

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