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As a reader, which fairy are you?

Posted 12 months.


  • Mary Stricklin - 11 months ago

    I usually hate to know the ending before. Love to read to much. rather read then watch tv. I guess you would me two types faiary. I am a scatter-boo and a dragonalina. lol. thanks for asking.

  • Sherry Vaughan - 11 months ago

    I agree wholeheartedly. I would never look at the end. And never tell me how the book ends. Then, I turn into Roarella.

  • Julie Pederick - 11 months ago

    I am all of the above except Peek-a-bookette, as I never peek at the back of a book..
    I don't even like to know what's going to happen in the book and look out if you tell me or
    spoil the ending, you'd better run for your life!

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