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Should Philippines back China against US presence in South China Sea? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes.
    153 votes

  • No.
    1,333 votes

  • Maybe,
    29 votes


Posted 4 months.


  • The Scientist - 3 months ago

    edwin n. bandoy, fix your english first before you comment. AYusin mo muna ENglish mo bago ka mag-comment. Or your a 50cent army, coz your vocabulary is good but the pronunciation of words are like Mandarin speaking.

    Inside our EEZ building military facility nearby is a threat to sovereignty of the Philippines. The Philippines and China doesnt have any military cooperation before nor history of fighting together. And they treaten us of WAR if the Philippines insist on the West COast.

    Soon they will claim also the East Coast or make a steal of our natural resource by paying DUTAE with a lot of personal gain.

  • Kit V. Lorenzo - 3 months ago

    I support the President in his quest for bilateral-trade relations with China as well as his way of diplomatic approaches toward China, but the U.S. presence in the South China is important to us and I commend the Philippine President for his way of handling the situation despite and in spite.

  • edwin n. bandoy - 3 months ago

    fuck to the US only for just now will US present in the vicinity of the china sea why before the didnot action the china taking the island inthe west philippines sea because he only trouble, US is the pace keeper idiot.

  • Gerardo Gaddi - 3 months ago

    Fuck China and fuck Duterte!!

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