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What do you think of OsmAnd 2.7?

Posted 10 months.


  • Gustavo - 9 months ago

    It does not take into account the quality of the roads it chooses. Most of the time I find myself on horrible roads it even seem to select the worst roads available

  • Luca - 9 months ago

    Very useful app. Good job.

  • Integras - 9 months ago

    It is difficult to know when track recording is on and off. Used to Locus, where this is much clearer.
    Also adding paths to osm seems complicated. Have a track which uses a path not part of OSM. Just want to cut out the part belonging to the new path, but can't do it...

  • Jan - 9 months ago

    Sometimes the app does not find any map. Maps are stored at the extern SD-card

  • Lucien - 9 months ago

    Nice application for hiking.
    But a bit slow in city (the rendering could take 1-5 sec in a new area) with the publics transports since the version 2.x

  • ANATOLI - 9 months ago


  • Arne - 9 months ago

    My one and only Navigation- App for years now. It is getting better and better and...
    Ich nutze Osmand+ nun schon seit Jahren zum Wandern und Radfahren. Ich bin rundum zufrieden.

  • JipeM - 9 months ago

    Super appli

  • Matthew - 9 months ago

    Thanks for your good work. On review of amenity=parking , I think osmand should look at access=* tags, as the user will be seeking public parking not private lots.

  • Tomasz - 9 months ago

    Since I started to use Osmand+ on motorbike, I realized that available maps rendering style is not right for conditions on motorcycle. IMO black&white contrast map style will be helpful. Even if switched to LightRS or Topo (and switch off all unnecessary details), background has some colours and streets are not perfectly visible (tue to just black ouine, but fill is white or orange), so under sunny conditions or during the ride (some vibrations) I see almost nothing. I propose to add new rendering style where streets and paths are b&w but has different width and line style.
    Thanks in advance for improving.

  • Matthias Ludwig - 9 months ago

    it should process kml files and not only gpx files. connects it better to

  • Carlos José Radosevic Gianella - 9 months ago

    simply excellent, Every update, better

  • Gökhan - 9 months ago

    I live in 316th street, osmand+ shows 314th. Its really old map and useless for now.

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