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Worst Season 4 Character?

Posted 9 years.


  • echelon - 7 years ago

    che el peor personaje q pudo haber en la serie
    es muy pesado ypues no tiene gracia es un payaso sin gracia lo peorrrr

  • Akira - 8 years ago

    Che is the worst..... without him, the story would be much more interesting.......

  • Mitchell - 8 years ago

    Che was horrible, i couldnt stand him his character pretty much sumed up the direction OC was going in! Taylor did well to try to fill in Mirishas shoes i thought but her and Ryan werent a good match..

  • Cynthia - 9 years ago

    Why so much hate Taylor? She's fine! I first hated her in season 3 but then I started like her. Worst for me is Kaitlin. Hate her in season 3 very much because of Johnny's accident. But if Marissa was still playing I would choose her for worst. ^,^

  • coopfan - 9 years ago

    i hate taylor's character first seth then ryan :@ i think she wanted to be marissa i really hate this character noone can be marissa

  • Alain Bouquet - 9 years ago

    I think you can't compare them than Taylor you see every show and Volchock you see only 2 times.

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