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How do you like these moves?

Posted 6 months.


  • Andy Cuppia - 3 months ago

    Please "re-flip" the late news back!! Late Feed is annoying and not very newsworthy.

  • Dee - 4 months ago

    I watched the morning show before Shiba was moved to the evening broadcast . She has chemistry with Chesley and Crash. I also watched the evening news and felt she did a great job with Melissa Morgan. Now that she is back on the morning show, the entire format is different. I think Shiba wasn't given a lot to work with especially incorporating social media and the new format.

  • Deanna Helie - 4 months ago

    You need to nail the anchors personalities to the shows.
    The audience is changing and your station needs to change with the public
    Needs. Shiba was a good fit for the evening new shows. Jeff just does not the
    Curb appeal to the audience anymore. Time move him to special assignments.
    Melissa and Shiba was a good team and seem to work off each other.

    After a day of work and travel, the evening news that is balanced and not in your face is good.

    Jeff can do 46 news and special assignments, Cheryl back on mornings, Shiba and Melissa on news shows
    Vinnie in investigations, he is a lawyer. Change the news time to 6:00 and 10:00pm. It is time to change. Drop the 11:00pm.
    also do a weekend round up with telecasting Saturday news outside at an event. Get the public involved.

  • Larita - 4 months ago

    Wow ... I'm really surprised about all the negative comments about Shiba Russell. She's polished and a pro! I liked her on the evening telecasts. (I'm not up to see the morning show.) Jeff Hullinger and his malaprops need to retire. I do like Melissa Long, but she often looks embarrassed by Jeff Hullinger's comments and/or has to "clean up" for him! You all brought Shiba in to take over for Brenda Woods. Why is the wooden, fake Miss America anchor now in that spot???!!! It seems all the POC are being relegated to off-hours or being let go. What's up with that???

  • alwaysonthemove - 4 months ago

    Melissa Long is tremendous talent and is being completely underutilized.
    Sheba - I have tried to "like" her - she's just too serious - lighten up. Smile??
    Hullinger's off-color remarks make him "real".... he's been around the block and gets away with them... the newbies won't take those risks.
    Politan...he's just too loud. Period. Classic narcissist.

  • Chris Stewart - 5 months ago

    Jeff Hullinger is the best of the lot and always has been.. he should be your lead.

  • Cagey Lady - 5 months ago

    Haven't really enjoyed the show since Karyn Greer left and Vinnie came aboard. I stayed with it until Cheryl Preheim came and then I started checking other stations. Lo and behold, I found Karyn Greer, Paul Ossman and Fred Khalil over at CBS 46. And now, Amanda Davis to boot! I have been a CBS 46 girl ever since, haven't looked back, until I landed on WXIA by accident this morning. Sticking with CBS 46 for now!

  • Linda Denise - 5 months ago

    The morning show has really changed Shiba has no personality she needs to go . The other people in the morning are great.. Put someone to go with Chelsea and Crash they are great. Shiba is a bore.

  • Steve Smith - 5 months ago

    The new morning show sucks. My wife and I have moved to another station.

  • Deb - 5 months ago

    Wow! I came on the website to voice my opinion about the new morning show lineup and can see I'm not alone with the changes that Channel 11 made this past week. Why Why Why!!! I didn't want to be too quick to judge but couldn't take it anymore by Friday. I did not like Sheba's personality when she was on the morning show the first time. It didn't "fit" and it still doesn't. After losing Jaye and Tracy who were so good you hired Cheryl who was AWESOME and outgoing. What a great combo that was: Cheryl-Crash-Vinnie-Chesley. Great fun they were. PLEASE bring them back. I hardly believe that Cheryl or Vinnie wanted their moves.....

    As I said I gave this a week and I will say Sheba is trying to fit in this time but it's just not working. I 'm afraid I had to switch morning news shows. I guess Fox it is.

    Channel 11 LISTEN and READ these comments. Don't stay with this line up

  • KA Daniels - 5 months ago

    11 Alive has some great anchors and the moves are ok. Bennie won't last at the 11pm role.
    I do believe some build the bench tactics need to be made on the field reporters. You all have lost a lot of tallent over the last 24 months and in some cases have not used the opportunity to trade up the talent. Work hard on the reporters now and leave the anchors as you have moved them.

  • Alex - 5 months ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't like this new lineup. Cheryl was awesome in the mornings, and with Chesley and Crash it worked very well. Like others here have said, Shiba doesn't have the personality for a morning show. She's more for the evening news since she comes off more serious and reserved. It made sense when she first went to evenings from mornings. But this doesn't make sense now.

  • Steven Hasting - 5 months ago

    Stopped watching after over 15 years. I just can't take Shiba in the morning. Love Chesley and Crash, though.

  • Kelly - 5 months ago

    I am really bummed! I will go back to Channel 2. First was Jill Becker, Jaye Watson, now Vinnie and Cheryl! Crash needs to move too Channel 2 and I would be happy! Never have like the weather man rither but tolerated him because I like Vinnie, Cheryl, and Crash!

  • Rick Pileggi - 5 months ago

    Off to WSB in the mornings sadly. Not a Sheba fan and loved Vinnie and Cheryl along with Crash and Ches but they are not enough to keep me tuned in. Sheba is too robotic and not personable like Cheryl and Vinnie were. Dont understand why you guys keep messing with the lineup. If you think Sheba will attract am viewers, you should read all the comments above.

  • H - 5 months ago

    Shiba doesn't have morning vibe and though nice, is too awkward and simplistic. Vinny needed his own show because his ego demands he be the center of attention. But Cheryl was perfect in morning and probably will also be great in evening. She's a personable professional without the cons or drama of others. Hate to leave Chesley and Crash, but can't handle Sheba in morning. Going to WSB for morning news.

  • Linda oxford - 5 months ago

    I was never fond of Shiba, so I was glad when she moved to evenings. She is boring, and doesn't have good chemistry with the others. I really like Cheryl...her energy and personality . She is great for mornings! So sad to see her move to evenings, as I don't watch that. I will miss her!
    Don't care where Vinnie goes. Always felt he is too egotistical. I liked him least in the mornings.
    I may look for my morning news elsewhere....

  • Harriet Pope - 5 months ago

    I M VERY unhappy with these changes!! Love the crew with Vinnie, Cheryl, Chesley & Craah! This has always been my favorite news in the morning, but maybe time for a change! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Rick Heiden - 5 months ago

    The morning show was a winning combination with Cheryl,Vinnie, Crash and Ches. This is like breaking up a championship team. The crew had great chemistry and were perfect for the morning news with their high energy, I didn't like Shiba the first time around as I feel she does not have the right chemistry or energy for the morning news. I will be searching for a new channel to watch in the mornings.

  • Dee - 5 months ago

    Sheba is abrasive so I'm glad to see her off evenings. I think she should just be gone period. Vinnie was fine on mornings. Cheryl is great and will be great for the evening newscast. I would like to see Melissa Long on 11 pm rather then Vinnie who seems too high energy for that late. But overall this is better then before

  • Nicole - 5 months ago

    Wasn't thrilled with Shiba the first time she was put in the mrng. She definitely has more of an evening news feel. I like Cheryl in the morning. She was a good fit with Chesney & Crash. Good luck with the new changes. Hopefully they'll get a winning combo soon and stay with it. Miss Karyn G.!

  • Lori - 5 months ago

    I love Chelsey and Crash but I'm not sure about Shiba. I thought Vinny, Cheryl, Crash and Chelsey had such great chemistry in the mornings. I'm bummed about the switch. Shiba doesn't seem to have the right personality for mornings. Please bring Cheryl and Vinny back.

  • Benjamin Ashton - 5 months ago

    Hullinger got to go

  • Rhonda Lang - 5 months ago

    Shiba Russell, Jeff Hullinger and Melissa long are my favorites. I'm not up at 5am, so bummed I won't get to see Shiba.

  • Barbara Joseph - 5 months ago

    Where is my favorite morning meteorologist Tracey Humphrey. All of a sudden she was no longer on the air. Has she been fired? I do like Chesley but Tracey was very good - personality and weather wise.

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