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Poll: Do you think former Sheriff Joe Arpaio should serve time in jail?

Posted 4 months.


  • D G Mars - 2 months ago

    Mayor Stanton should be ashamed of his comment and removed from office. What can you expect of a democrat - Noting good

  • Jane Kostopoulos - 2 months ago

    Thank you President Donald J. Trump for pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Both will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  • Andree Emsley - 3 months ago

    I fully support Sheriff Joe. He has done so much for our communities! You get a bad judge every now and then. I'm sure a jury would find that he was only following the laws. We are a nation of laws. You cannot break into this country expecting we will roll out the red carpet for you. Even the prisoners in tent city like Sheriff Joe. I know one of his deputies. The deputy is Hispanic and was very proud to be working for Sheriff Joe.

  • Ken - 3 months ago

    When Joe was elected as sheriff he took an oat requiring him to up hold the laws of the land. How does a sheriff or any one ignore their oath by I nforcing only certain laws. He was obligated to inforce all the laws. When one of these illegal criminals commutes a crime that affects you, your tune will change. And yes all illegals in this country have violated the law. Read the immigration laws. Joe was only doing the job he was elected to do.

  • Bill n Kim - 3 months ago

    No he should not do time, what's the purpose to put an 85 yr. old in jail? To degrade him for others satisfaction? He was making a point, if you want to be here then get legal and enjoy the U.S.. He served his cities for many yrs. and did quite the job, so why should we try to degrade and let others take over our state with their opinions? I thin the Pres. should pardon.

  • Shawn k - 3 months ago

    What did you expect, susan was appointed by bill slick willie clinton. We need to purge these traitorous insttutional politicians and judges.

  • Liz - 3 months ago

    Ryan, thank you for NOT being ignorant. It's refreshing to see that not everyone thinks it's a felony to be brown skinned.

  • Liz - 3 months ago

    He should have go now to the federal pen on multiple felony charges about the same time Thomas, Aubochon and Alexander were disbarred. His immigration raids were only this tip of the iceberg. He threw everyone under the bus. Wish Henderschott had turned stool pigeon. He was a witness to most of it.

  • Ryan - 3 months ago

    Patricia, this had nothing to do with criminals that were found to be illegals. This was about a sheriff targeting people that looked illegal. This isn't a sanctuary City topic. Educate yourself on this topic. I am all for deporting illegals especially when they commit a crime but not at the expense of Americans getting targeted just because of how they look.

  • Ryan - 3 months ago

    Some of you seem to not understand what he was convicted on and how it affected Americans. He openly targeted people that looked illegal. It's great that this resulted in some deportations but it violated many American's consitutional rights. He is being charged with violating a court order. He appealed that order many times and lost. He then defied that order. We have due process for all Americans. That means that a sheriff can't just demand papers from me just because of how I look or speak. That is exactly what he was in contempt with.

  • Patricia Piltingsrud - 3 months ago

    If anyone that was stop by a cop whether you are black white or Mexican or Chinese and if you broke the law you should go to jail not the sheriff stop being a wimp and get over your self , the sheriff was doing his job and if I have to show my ID so does everyone else if ur stop obey the law and you won't get pull over it's that simple

  • Margie Nicely - 3 months ago

    Arpaio was doing his job. We elected him Sheriff to get the illegals out of this state!
    I don't believe that these illegals should be allowed to do this to a man who has defecated his life to cleaning up this state.
    These illegals have voted illegally, they carry fake insurance papers, they get health care illegally, If he profiled them, that was a good thing.At least we know what the invaders look like and we want them to go back where they came from.
    I hope Arpaio is pardoned by Trump, and I hope Trump offers his a job as director of Homeland Security. Much better choice than Janet Napolitano. That was the fox guarding the chicken coop!
    Of course the Judge was elected by Clinton, so I doubt it was a fair fight. This has been a with hunt right from the beginning!

  • A Raymond - 3 months ago

    Enjoy Jail, Joe. Hopefully you'll be forced to wear the outfits you forced people to wear and hopefully you'll only get water when the cameras are rolling.

  • Lizanne Cooper - 3 months ago

    Since the beginning of this fiasco, we have (the taxpayers) spent countless of millions of dollars to convict/defend this S.O.B (Arpaio). Now they want us to spend more on a appeal. When will this ever end? Mr. Arpaio will never see the Inside of a jail cell, so I think we need to stop this craziness. We Definitely need to put any future monies into a Much needed and deserving place. i.e.:charity/schools/hopeless veterans. Come on people, let's get our priorities straight!!!

  • Russ - 3 months ago

    We need more Enforcers like Joe! After all illegal imigrents are breaking the law. What's this country coming to anyway ! ????????

  • Vanessa Trimble - 3 months ago

    What purpose would it serve to put a 85 year old man behind bars. Sheriff Joe has done so much for this community, I think he deserves some compassion from us!

  • Merrily Abels - 3 months ago

    Tax payers won't get a refund so totally appropriate that not following a judge's orders has to have repercussions.

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