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Would you become a pony or stay human if sent to Equestria? (Ponies love you either way)

Posted 12 months.


  • Erika - 11 months ago

    @my name: EG human world =/= Our world. Don't compare true humans to EG humans, we don't look like that.

  • vevans0009 - 11 months ago

    Of course "Become a pony" is winning. Why wouldn't it?

  • HalflingPony - 11 months ago

    I'm already being sent to a strange world against my will. Why the heck would I *want* my body stolen from me in the process?

  • Jesus Oswaldo Chavez - 11 months ago

    I'd stay human so I can feel comfortable and confident. Also so Twilight Sparkle can study me all night long! ????????

  • Tyler Wake - 11 months ago

    I'd wanna be my OC if i was a Pony

  • my name - 11 months ago

    Well, when ponies come into the human world they change so it would be weird if we wouldn`t. Besides that, you get the change of getting the ability to do magic or fly or do the earth pony stuff.

  • Pony Humanson - 11 months ago

    Human. I could teach them about our species, they could teach me bout theirs. Also I could prank Discord so hard.

  • Anon - 11 months ago

    It all boils down to
    "ponies love you either way"
    "either way"




    buck this shit! no human x pony for you!
    Pony, all the way

    tldr when in Rome

  • Commissar Alexer - 11 months ago

    So many traitors here....

    To forfeit your humanity is to forfeit your right to live.

    The Emperor Protects.

  • Wireball - 11 months ago

    Pony, assuming I had the same level of fine manipulation skills. I suspect that they have some sort of close-range manipulating force-fields around their hooves. Also keeps the dirt off!

  • Brainony - 11 months ago

    I would stay human. I'm happy as I am, why would I change? Becoming a pony would mean losing a part of myself just so I could fit in, even though ponies would accept me either way. I'd rather stay true to myself instead give up my heritage.

    Besides learning how to walk again would suck.

  • MrOmg - 11 months ago

    How could I stay human when I'm able to have a magical horn, wings or extra strength? Just why would you choose to stay as a weak human?

  • Sailor Sedna - 11 months ago

    Pony for me, though I have no ponysona of my own.

  • Regie - 11 months ago

    I agree with Libor. I don't think the ponies would be to comfortable with a hairless monkey walking through their streets. Pony all the way.

  • Misscellanio - 11 months ago

    Oh opps. Didn't read carefully enough. Would still become a pony for similar reasons. XD

  • Misscellanio - 11 months ago

    I mean there are many humans but how many of them have ever journeyed to Equestria. ZERO!
    So being the first to a explore a new universe will be a definite yes.

    Sadly no Ozzy Osbourne, Reese's, or Star Wars in Equestria XD

  • Anon - 11 months ago

    how would i make love to my waifu if i'm not also a horse?

  • Libor - 11 months ago

    I'd get a lot of attention as a human. And I hate attention.
    Also, being a herbivore in such a world seems advantageous.

  • Rolling Wonder - 11 months ago

    I'd become not just any pony; I'd become my OC.

  • Pony Stuff - 11 months ago

    Obviously pony. Who the heck would want to stay a human? WHY? No matter what your motives are you should still want to be a pony.

    Though seriously, can someone please explain why people are choosing to stay human?

  • Mike Manley - 11 months ago

    Going by this universe's rules, I'd very likely become a pony.

  • Safira - 11 months ago

    Wow that end bit of my comment didn't go through, weird site, just saying anything's better than this world we live in, and if there was a way to permanently live in our dreams, physically, i'd do it in a heartbeat!

  • Safira - 11 months ago

    Pony all the way, i couldn't imagine being myself in Equestria, i'd want a completely fresh start and a chance to love myself before others do

  • Mares Fillies - 11 months ago

    Pony of course, how else would I clop? :^)

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