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Who will benefit most from the proposed acquisition of McKesson EIS by Allscripts? (Poll Closed)

  • McKesson customers
    323 votes

  • Allscripts customers
    303 votes

  • McKesson shareholders
    95 votes

  • Allscripts shareholders
    256 votes

  • Allscripts competitors
    148 votes


Posted 4 months.


  • mdrx2017 - 3 months ago

    Who will benefit most from the proposed acquisition of McKesson EIS by Allscripts? Agreed with sistersledge. This is NO WIN for any customers -Mckesson nor Allscripts!
    On paper this maybe another BORING CANNED RFP to read through with blood bank and other capabilities for small hospitals. really some CIO out there of a large health system going to want to see sunrise suite just because you bought a few toys from the McKesson?

    Meditech will likely capitalize on the less than 200 bed hospital space and create wins if they are smart at Marketing and quickly training their sales folks to go after the McKesson base.

    For customers this is a nightmare scenario really- Imagine your already confused and overwhelmed allscripts rep. /exec whatever now trying to explain away the Mckesson product suite and that utopia of integration between sunrise and Mckesson that is coming
    (except that nothing allscripts already owns is integrated and capable of taking to each other with the exception of everything working seemless at demos, ACE & HIMSS :)
    receiving less than stellar support for allscripts and now have to call them for McKesson - YIKES.

    Layoff's - who's talking about all of that? allscripts is really just a sum of its parts and continues to go down the same meaningless acquisition track without a sense of relevance. what is lacking at Allscripts is what is not being talked about, conveniently ignored- empathetic leadership, discipline and a mission. without this no company can grow let alone thrive. in the interim senior leadership continues to get fat and rich make millions with the noise and continually let down customers.

  • Angelo Amendola - 3 months ago

    Hammergren benefits. I'm convinced he never wanted HBOC in the first place. He makes millions and keeps his job and we've lost our ours. What a deal!

  • Jim Beall - 3 months ago

    Wonder if any former McAuto/McDonnell Douglas employees are still left? Going back to 1989 when Mc sold their Health Systems company to American Express they've worked for five different employers, if you count the First Data spin off, without ever changing jobs.

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