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Grade the 'Ray Donovan' season premiere

Posted 6 months.


  • Rob - 3 months ago

    Although not really poorly done, it absolutely sucks how you have to just about watch the previous episode twice, if you forgot something or missed something that is. Don't like this non-linear, time jump way it's been done this season. It sucks.

  • Pat - 3 months ago

    Bring back the creator and original writer. How could you do this to seasoned actors? Sure, they are glad to work but they deserve better as artists. Season 1 and 2 were amazing!
    Go back and review what made these seasons magical and unique. You can not do this alone, bring back the genius behind this show, Ann!

  • Pat Coxx - 3 months ago

    Bring back the creator and original writer. How could you do this to seasoned actors? Sure, they are glad to work but they deserve better as artists. Season 1 and 2 were amazing!
    Go back and review what made these seasons magical and unique. You can not do this alone, bring back the genius behind this show, Ann!

  • Eris - 4 months ago

    Better find a way to bring back Abby. Who are the writers of this show. This is how you kill good shows.

  • Kacee - 4 months ago

    My husband & I have watched this show from the beginning of season 1. We couldn't wait until Season 5 began. Boy, we were both disappointed in the premiere and in my opinion, episodes 2-4 were no better. Now, it's not even aired the last two weeks! C'mon! You've had an entire year to figure this out!

  • Susan - 4 months ago

    How are we supposed to follow anything in this series? What happened to the court ordered psychiatrist? What happened to the bar he bought? Too hard to follow. Choppy and poorly edited. I'm done.

  • Susan - 4 months ago

    First episode of new season was so confusing. Hubby and I rewatched the last one from season before thinking we missed something. I just didn't like they went into the storyline of Abby dying. They should of st least let us know she was suffering because it was left that she said she was cancer free. I hope the story doesn't disappoint because I loved this show so much. This always happens to series grrrr!

  • T Gaines - 5 months ago

    Awesome premiere. I love me some Abby. She was the glue that held the family together. Sad that she's going!
    But I love mystery in this whole

  • Dianne - 5 months ago

    I USED to love this show, but it's gotten ridiculous as the seasons go on. Whatever happened to the football stadium Ray was going to buy? Whatever happened to Katie Holmes's character. Who is choosing this actors? Abby, is okay but she wasn't a good match for Ray, he's much too good looking. The daughter needs to be written off, she has no appeal, it's a waste of the show's air time. And then there's the brother that just got married, his wife, absolutely no appeal either. Can you get women that are more appealing to the eye?? Also, Ray needs a woman, one who is going to challenge him, who is going to share his bed, who is going to be his everything. Then there's Bunchy, I like his character, and his wife, but having her traveling with a wrestling crew? Seriously? Silly, that's what I think about that. If Abby is dead, leave her there and quit showing us flashes of a love affair they never really had. As they say, sex sells, so give us that! I subscribe to Showtime through Amazon and I'm seriously thinking about canceling and getting Starzs instead.

  • Lana Porrata - 5 months ago

    Bring her back. I am sooooo mad

  • Chris mccormick - 5 months ago

    After episode 1 I was sadden and very surprised After seeing the recent clip where each major actor and the writer gave their thoughts and reasoning behind the decision for Abby's departure it seemed like i was listening to a bunch of politicians side stepping their true feelings. She was the only strong female candidate. The other women on the show have had short parts and depicted sleezy characters. coincidence? Don't think so. This is a deal breaker for me and my loyalty to the show.

  • Donna Childers - 5 months ago

    I am saddened by Abby's death. I will miss her character immensely. I love that her character, Abby, is just not gone and we are getting the time needed for us, the viewers, to go through this terrible ordeal with Abby and Ray. Thank you for giving us that at least. I loved Abby. But, I will keep watching! I do love the show. But I will always miss Abby!

  • Malik - 5 months ago

    Killing off Abby made me sad. Ray wasn't exactly the husband of the year. He only was good to her once he realized that he was losing her. I think that this plot move was a big mistake. After I didn't like a plot twist on the BlackList, I stopping watching it after 2 1/2 years. This is the Only show that I watch on Showtime. This may be the reason to make me stop watching Ray Donovan. And Showtime as well.

  • Crandell Addington - 5 months ago

    If the first episode was bad, the second one was a disaster. You are destroying what was formerly the most exciting series on tv.

  • Frances - 5 months ago

    The show was terrific. There are so many possibilities in this dark mystery. Yes, it's a long time between seasons. The actors probably have other commitments. More importantly, great writing is worth the wait. If 10 months is too long for you to know what's happening, watch the reruns immediately before the new season. I do.

  • Carol Waterhouse - 5 months ago

    Opening episode was very confusing, but did get it as the flash backs played out. It was very dark and certainly imparted a hollow, empty feeling. There should have been some hint in a previous scene showing she was experiencing advancing symptoms. She appeared unaffected physically by her cancer. My thought was that the writers had to be politically correct and show that ignoring symptoms and treatment is a reckless thing to do, thus having Abby die because of it.

  • Joseph McLaughlin - 5 months ago


  • Karen Bartelt - 5 months ago

    The Season 5 Premier was terrific. Love so many story possibilities. While Abby was wonderful, it was time for her and Ray to split up or work things out. But that would have stifled the story. Now Ray can be more tormented and dark. Sarandon could be a fabulous character.

  • Gayle horton - 5 months ago

    We miss Abbey immediately
    Why do these shows have to kill loved characters
    Don't like it STOP

  • Clay Drummond - 5 months ago

    I was confused and thought I had missed a final episode in season 4. It makes sense now. This appisode was slow in the tangential way that they presented it, however, if they will get back to a more linear presentation as before it still has great possibilities with new subplots for Ray

  • Kelly - 5 months ago

    My husband and I kept thinking we had missed an episode because nothing was making sense and was very confusing. We were like WTF!!

  • Marie - 5 months ago

    Ray Donovan this week, what a train wreck! The passage of time too great and too confusing. Because there was so much that lead to being open ended they certainly can feel the public out and change things if they want to. As far a Abby they never really say what happened to her so did she really die, is it a dream, did they have to put her in a protective environment because her life was in danger? It seems Ray has no relationship with his own kids and hasn't Terry suffered enough through the series? Please give Bunchy some brains in the show. That whole mess is bizarre! I am not watching unless someone says they really turned the show around and it's good. Good luck to the viewers.

  • L Gonzalez - 5 months ago

    Episode 1 was a bit confusing to follow but in the end both Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight gave good performances. Writing off Paula Malcomsen will bring opportunities for more "out of control" scenes from Ray as in Season 3 when he savagely beat Father Romero. Will be interesting to see Susan Sarandon and Lili Simmons vie for Ray's attention. Mickey surely has another get rich quick scheme in him as well.

  • Shelly - 5 months ago

    I was confused and disappointed. Seems it is the going thing in series now to kill off one of the main characters. Too bad, I am done watching. It was good while it lasted but not worth the time now.

  • Sherrie Fee - 5 months ago

    I was very confused, too much space between season 4 finale and season 5 premiere. I was hoping all of it was a dream and Abby was learning what life would be like if indeed she did die. Hate that she's gone. She was the glue that held the story together.

  • Kmarie - 5 months ago

    The show was all over the place! It felt like I was watching the equivalent of run-on sentences. Truly disappointed Abby is gone!!! This must be the last season and if the next episodes are anything like the premiere I will not be watching! You all really messed up big time with this scenario and what's up with the wrestling scenes?

  • Lee - 5 months ago

    I Was very disappointed with the season premiere. All I can say is it was a herky jerky mess, that only leaves room for vast improvement or cancellation.

  • Cathy - 5 months ago

    The show sucked last night it didn't flow from last episode it was all over the place!!and why kill Abby ?stupid not watching anymore

  • RK - 5 months ago

    Very unhappy about Abby's death. Hope the show is not going to be boring. Sometimes less prominent actors make the best show. The writers just don't know what to do with the female characters so they kill them off or send them away. Abby was an anchor.

  • lucia - 5 months ago

    No way did you get rid of Abby......the writers on this show are freaking genius, what would posses you to something like that? I'm not convinced Abby is dead.

  • Cindy mcveigh - 5 months ago

    Abby should not have died,I hope this is not the last season because of somebody bad judgement

  • Cindy mcveigh - 5 months ago

    Abby should not have died

  • Richard - 5 months ago

    I'm Watching. The 5th Season & They are Playing Mazzy Star- Fade into You!! One of My Favorite Songs! I Love This Show.

  • C.R. - 5 months ago

    Abby was what grounded the series. To kill her off is detrimental to the show. Now it has no one to temper the crazy things that Ray gets into. Very bad move. I'm guessing this will be the last season? Too bad it was a great series.

  • Linda - 5 months ago

    I used to look forward to Sunday evening because of Donavan. I loved Abby's character. I won't watch anymore.

  • Tommy - 5 months ago

    C'mon people!! Don't you think the billionaire promoters,directors etc in Hollywood already thought out this situation with Abby?

    They are the geniuses,not us viewers,so I'm sure her removal from the living will soon make more sense than any of us could've predicted..Give it time and you'll see..

  • Vickie Greene - 5 months ago

    BRING ABBEY BACK !!!!!!! She is the heart of the Donavan family this is a mistake to take her off.

  • Lorraine - 5 months ago

    I did not like the show last night. I could have done better than you and I am not a writer. Hope it picks up or else we are finished watching Ray Donovan. Please get rid of Bunch's family all of them including the wife so bored with them hope they stay on the tour forever.

  • C H - 5 months ago

    We lose Abby and get straddled with Susan Sarandon? Think I've lost interest. And this was one of my favorite shows.

  • Heidi - 5 months ago

    Now that Abby is gone, I wish we would see less of her. She did a TERRIBLE Boston accent and she got on my nerves. One of the most annoying characters I've ever seen.

  • joanne seay - 5 months ago

    Killing off Abby was a mistake! She is one of the main reasons I watch the show! You have just lost a loyal viewer. Not smart, people. Although Liev shines as does Jon Voight (always a class act.) But killing Abby was just too much. There so many other characters that we could have done without!!I MAKE IT A DREAM and bring her back!!

  • BoBo - 5 months ago

    Jon Voigt's performance was spectacular. He was telling the story of losing Abby through the script he was righting. He steals the scene every time he's on it.

  • Kathleen Cardenas - 5 months ago

    If you thought your writers would be stumped for season 5, you should have called me. Beyond the shadow of any doubt, I could have given you any number of storylines which didn't involve killing off a centrifugal character.

  • Mary - 5 months ago

    Very surprised to see Abbey go. Think you could have kept her on and still explored the characters. This show has always lured me in. I will be back.

  • Tony - 5 months ago

    Ray Donovan has "Jumped the Shark!"

  • Christian Tenant - 5 months ago

    I agree, I loved the show before this season premiere... We're very disappointed! I think you've lost us on this one. Just what the hell did you think was going to happen when you killed off a man character during the off season?? I do honestly believe that the show is over...

  • Andy Hathaway - 5 months ago

    Killing off Abby has fucked up the show. It's like losing Carmela Sorprano. We can't have a season of flashbacks. Come on guys. I can write a better story than this.

  • Kathy Hathaway - 5 months ago

    I hated the season premiere ! Did you really Just kill off one of the shows most loved characters? I have zero desire to watch it now, ZERO! I love Abby's character! STUPID MOVE!

  • scott - 5 months ago

    as a final thought, Abby IS the glue that holds it together. The irony in her comment in the season 4 finale "No one can touch us Ray"

  • scott - 5 months ago

    always very hard to see a character that one really believes in be absconded in such a surprise fashion. I will continue to have faith in the writers as the series is a great one and demands that attention.

  • Tom - 5 months ago

    I was very disappointed in the new season. If it doesn't pickup we won't see another renewal

  • Monroe Monroe - 5 months ago

    Susan Saranden takes SOME of the pain away,
    Good Move!
    But , I was expecting MORE., so won't do that again, next Sunday I hope it will unfold like a ???? Flower?

  • Monroe Monroe - 5 months ago

    Yeah, maybe it will come to light, but essential glued to the screen as normal
    "She was the Brighedt Star in the Sky"
    I'll hand in there...for now :)

  • Dear Abby - 5 months ago

    You killed Abby dumb move
    Ray had enough pain and do did the kids
    Abby was the only good, everyone relied on her
    You can't replace this. Now Ray will feel guilty but in a different way besides cheating.

  • Tom Diamond - 5 months ago

    Losing a main charecter always keeps it real for me. Life doesnt hurt people we hate. Cancer, accidents, these things come to all of us ramdomly so they should in Holleywood.
    The obvious extra teases into what are obviously going yo be very complicated and intertwining storylines made this first episode seem more like a long trailer.

  • Kristen - 5 months ago

    I love the mystery!! The writers of this show are brilliant. My only selfish complain is that i cant watch a new episode every night-i look forward Sunday's! Thank u for creating an exceptional show, I love Ray Donovan;)

  • Brenda - 5 months ago

    When it ended I looked over at my husband and said it's not making any sense! I'm so disappointed Abbey is gone and all we are going to see of her is flash backs. I know it's only first episode but expected much more. 10 months of waiting I hope it gets better?! Games of Thrones has kept us on edge of our seat from the first 5 mins. if the new season! Here's hoping Ray Donovan was worth the wait??

  • Dee tucker - 5 months ago

    I am unhappy you killed Abby. Too much stupid stuff like the step son getting a ride and rambling on about nothing.

  • Sue Reid - 5 months ago

    I just can't forgive you for killing off Abby. You are a creative genius and yet you could not find new ways for the story line to go without doing away with the the best loved character. Seeing her the entire season in flashbacks is just a constant reminder that she is gone. I can't watch anymore. Let me know if you decide that this is all a bad dream that Ray was caught up in.

  • sandra smith - 5 months ago

    sick about losing abby--she was the star of the show--

  • Tim Mulligan - 5 months ago

    Not happy about losing Abby but time will tell. It seems like all things come to an end.

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